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Bouyakashan replied to LevitateTheKing's question:

ALA and Creatine

Hi ! Here's an answer on a bodybuilding forum yoiu can google: "One thing that I disagree with about this post... ALA does not have a simlar effect on the body as sugar. ALA causing gluco...

Jan 3rd 2012
Bouyakashan replied to mtmcgill's question:

Salsa on the last mile

Saurkraut is ok. Here's a comprehensive list of all allowed vegetables on the last mile with the grams of carbs associated with (I think) a 100g (as bodybuilding forums put it) : 3.8g- Alfalfa S...

Aug 25th 2011
Bouyakashan asked a question:

IF + Last mile = Smart or Dumb ?

Do you think mixing Martin Burkhan's approach of fasting for 16 hours then eatng in an 8 hour window will make Dave Palumbo's last mile diet more or less effective (PS : stoking the metabolism eve...

Aug 25th 2011
Bouyakashan replied to mtmcgill's question:

Protein Powder after workouts...

If you're aiming at recomposition (meaning substitutins fat with muscle), make sure your macro break down looks like Protein 60%, Fat 30% and carbs 10% So yes, post-cardio or post-weight training...

Aug 16th 2011
Bouyakashan replied to psdavis's question:

TOP TIPS for getting to sub-10% body fat?

1) High protein + Moderate fat + Very low carb (20 g of carbs / day) I'd say the macro break down of your calories (no need to count though) should look like : Protein : 60 %, fat : 30%, carbs : 1...

Aug 16th 2011
Bouyakashan replied to tronathan's question:

MED (Minimum Effective Dose) of Cheat Day

Hi Tronathan, Allow me to re-direct you to my question and the corresponding answer. As always, it's not as much about Quantity as it is about quality

Aug 11th 2011

By far the best aricle I've read so far about glucose and fructose (a subject we don't often dwelve into here) :

Feb 26th 2011

Update here : Best article on the matter ( Laura is right : Slow carbs all week (beans ..) then fast ca...

Feb 20th 2011

Hi 4hourBod, isn't quinoa/starch/etc just necessary after training and concerning the shake too, should i be taken every day ? Thanks for the great...

Feb 19th 2011
Bouyakashan commented on Evan's reply:

Same here Evan, only with no supplements, I've been on Occam but with a scaled up Slow-Card diet, meaning more SC food per meal. Feeling good. Seei...

Feb 19th 2011
Bouyakashan commented on Shery's reply:

Hi Shery ! Why would Sodium pose a problem. Anyone tested this and tracked. I've been beef jerky snacking for some time, lost a waist size in two w...

Feb 19th 2011
Bouyakashan asked a question:

Anything better than Beano ?

Guys, I've soaked them, let them in water for the whole night, took 6 (!!) beano tablets before the first bite. But I need a definitive solution to this (erhm!) offending phenomenon problem beans ...

Feb 18th 2011
Bouyakashan asked a question:

Best foods for cheat day (to re-stimulate Leptin production) ?

There is a list here ( but in seems to me like non-binge food, so simply wondering what would be the best 'crap/binge'...

Feb 17th 2011
Bouyakashan asked a question:

Beef jerky : 4g of carbs, 0g of fat, 18g of proteins in a 35g bag. Is it the perfect snack / afternoon meal ?

I've been having Jack Link's beef Jerky Original 35g every other day in the afternoon as a snack. I don't really know what the effect has been, or will be so was wondering if anyone knew if I'd be...

Feb 17th 2011