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    Doug, are you doing the IF version where you only eat during a certain window or do you actually do 24 hour fasts a certain number of times per we...

    Mar 13th 2013
    Stephane Janson replied to LizMir's tip:

    Simple Bean Cake Recipe: Feels like cheat day!

    Just tried this out tonight with the girlfriend. Wonderful!

    Jan 24th 2013
    Stephane Janson replied to Dominique Martin's question:

    Easy, Quick and Cheap Breakfast Muffins

    Looks great. I am doing this as a Pescetarian so I was wondering if you can think of a way to do this without meat. Do you think the sausage/bacon is necessary for the consistency or would it work...

    Jan 24th 2013

    I might not be consuming enough green veggies or water, I find water a pain in the ass to track. I estimate that I drink about 5 big glasses/day. ...

    Jan 18th 2013

    Thanks for the reply. I am not worried about GS. Have had it all my life and every doctor I have spoken to about it has said its not worth treati...

    Jan 18th 2013
    Stephane Janson replied to Douglas Sheehan Douglas Sheehan's question:

    Raise your hand if your cholestrol has gone up.

    I'm affraid I have had a mixed/negative experience with this diet and cholesterol. Here is a post I made 5 weeks into the diet. Havent had myself tested since but I will. Would be great to get som...

    Jan 16th 2013

    "Assuming meat eaters are just naturally eating well enough to not have to issues to note as much as the vegan might just by eating meat, reg...

    Oct 18th 2012

    Man, I feel you on the people giving you unwelcome advice. Its the same for vegetarians. I get preached left and right. Its annoying, but just bec...

    Oct 18th 2012

    Hmmmm... I am not qualified to advise you on how safe it is for you to exercise in your condition. I would consult with your doctor. As for lentil...

    Oct 18th 2012

    My point was that you need to plan for health, if you are healthy then its either because you planned for it or because your parents taught you go...

    Oct 18th 2012

    Maybe I am wrong but I feel like you are getting defensive, you really dont need to be. I wasnt trying to say that veganism isnt a healthy lifesty...

    Oct 18th 2012
    Stephane Janson replied to Ray Harris's question:

    HELP!! starting out and vegan

    G'day from across the ditch (well, I am not living across the ditch at the moment). Its possible to do this diet as a vegan but its hard and for most people I would recommend against it, and not ...

    Oct 18th 2012
    Stephane Janson replied to Alon Tako's question:

    Post-workout starchy food

    Shalom I would separate between the two issues, if you are experiencing low blood sugar that is probably because you are not eating enough. I would up your intake of food, especially the legumes....

    Oct 18th 2012
    Stephane Janson replied to Douglas Castro's tip:

    Recommending Intermittent Fasting! (Before and after pics included)

    You might like this: Around 3:25 he makes the case that fasting right after cheat day might be more effective due to increased leptin levels. I have also read that s...

    Oct 8th 2012

    Yes, I am having the same problem!

    Oct 5th 2012
    Stephane Janson replied to Angela MacDonald's question:

    Do eggs have to be organic?

    I feel like the naysayers are missing the point. Quote: "To be certified as free-range, a chicken only has to be released from its pen for half an hour a day. Max. The rest of the time it ca...

    Sep 21st 2012

    Agree with sirspiffy. In the world of science and in the world of supermarkets organic means different things.

    Sep 21st 2012
    Stephane Janson replied to Wendy Maldonado's question:

    Has anyone else lost weight by adding a small amount of sour cream?

    As you've already said, sour cream isnt part of the diet. My take on things is that you can have just about anything in small enough quantities without seriously affecting your fat-loss. The mai...

    Sep 18th 2012
    Stephane Janson asked a question:

    Advice on blood test results.

    Been dieting for 5 weeks now, am enjoying myself and seeing the results I want but I am now seeing some problems with my blood tests. I am doing this as a pescatarian so my choices for protein a...

    Sep 17th 2012
    Stephane Janson replied to Minnesota's question:

    Check-in Time -- August !

    Been dieting for 5 weeks now. Like Brenda I have found that doing this alongside others has really helped. A group of us made a pact a while ago to all have a visible 6-pack by the end of 2012 wit...

    Sep 17th 2012

    I thought the lemon in water was a way of decreasing insulin sensitivity? Also, why do you take another spoon of PB before going to sleep? I hav...

    Sep 16th 2012

    I used to live near a place where I could crush your own peanuts and almonds to make totally sugar free stuff. Alas, no more. I buy PB that's 2.5%...

    Sep 16th 2012
    Stephane Janson asked a question:

    Fat as a starter

    Have been playing a bit with the idea of using fat as a starter to my meals as detailed in the glucose switch chapter. I am a little bit hesitant to do this consistently, yes it might lower glucos...

    Sep 16th 2012
    Stephane Janson asked a question:

    Vegetarian/vegan recipes

    Can anyone recommend any good vegetarian/vegan SCD recipes? Have been doing this for about 6 weeks now, am loving the results but am really starting to miss fancy well cooked food. I have been liv...

    Sep 15th 2012
    Stephane Janson asked a question:

    How do you take your cinnamon

    How do you take your cinnamon? On my binge days I a teaspoon and a half with a coffee but I am not a regular coffee drinker and am trying to find an alternative for every day use. Had anyone got a...

    Sep 14th 2012