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Sheri Boles Sweeney replied to Liz James's question:

Ate something I shouldn´t have

WOW!! You just completely opened my eyes! I have been eating zucchini and squash the whole 3 mos. I have been dieting!! I am so thankful for this forum. I have gotten so many helpful tips! Thanks ...

Sep 27th 2012

Thanks guys!! I just started to omit lentils at dinner and have seen some loss. I am also trying to cut out the stevia. Hopefully that helps!

Sep 7th 2012
Sep 7th 2012
Sheri Boles Sweeney asked a question:

Limiting Legumes

HI! I have been doing the SCD for approximately 11 weeks and have lost about 12 lbs. I am happy about the diet and not having cravings etc... but I have stalled as far as losing weight for the pas...

Sep 6th 2012