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Non dairy creamer is no good either

Jun 29th 2013
Danielle Waldo replied to Juan Perez's question:

Found this interesting recipe

Thanks for the recipe! Here's another one. My husband is a college prof at a university that hosts some Rwandan students every year, we've made this for dinner for them a few times, they loved it,...

May 17th 2013

Cauliflower cut in small pieces thrown into a ziplock bag, I shake in some Cajun seasoning, then snack on it . It's crunchy and fills that snacky ...

May 13th 2013
Danielle Waldo replied to Gretchen Linden's question:

Recipe -- crockpot pulled pork, SCD friendly

My Mexican friends all eat shredded meats with shredded cabbage, diced onion and cilantro. Of course they eat it with wonderful home made corn tortillas. The cabbage gives a great crunch and it's ...

May 13th 2013
Danielle Waldo replied to Trenaty Wright's question:

bbq sauce junkie

Just a thought, haven't tried it but I have my culinary thinking cap on. What about trying a recipe and for the sweetness (instead of brown sugar or honey) substitute roasted garlic or roasted re...

May 8th 2013
Danielle Waldo replied to thorax232's question:

Frequent Urination

I feel this too. And it hits me shockingly fast! I figured it's from the water I drink, but the mo I drink the better it seems I do. Curious to see what others have to say on this.

May 8th 2013
Danielle Waldo replied to Carlos J. Alfonso's question:

high protein bread?

I have this same craving, for something to sop up that great juice. I have found, not bread unfortunately, but frozen cauliflower. I defrost it in the microwave, cut it into small cubes (ish) and ...

Apr 22nd 2013
Danielle Waldo replied to Alexander's question:

Cottage cheese (no fat or low fat)

I pick my cottage cheese based on the amount of protein in it. I often use cottage cheese on my salad as a sort of dressing. I have done that for years not realizing the benefits. I have also put ...

Apr 17th 2013
Apr 17th 2013
Danielle Waldo replied to koloryczerni's question:

foods to-go

In a pinch, run into a grocery store, possibly even a convenience store and grab a bag of pre cut up veg, like broccoli. I found a broccoli, cauliflower and carrot stick mix today. You could also ...

Apr 17th 2013
Danielle Waldo replied to Olivia Alexander's question:

How To Minimize the Effect of a Slip?

I think for me, a slip up early in the day can really get into my head... Meaning it's easier for me to justify cheating the day through. Take on the challenge of finding out how to have "you...

Apr 17th 2013

I say stick with it if it works for you! I just don't have a ton of time for lunch when I am at work. And when I have the day off, I tend to slee...

Apr 10th 2013
Danielle Waldo replied to Harmen Stevens's question:

Is there any causality been discovered between the four hour diet and increasing lower back issues?

Weird question, but actually my back has been hurting, I assumed it was my bed. It is more my lower right side. I thought I would post and come back to see any other replies. Probably coincidenta...

Apr 10th 2013
Danielle Waldo replied to David Arce's question:

Beef jerky

I can't find any without sugar. Not too excited about making my own. I have made turkey bacon, and I think it kind of mimics jerky. That's also hard to find without sugar.

Apr 10th 2013
Danielle Waldo replied to Matty Staudt's question:

How Much For Lunch?

My lunch is not usually huge, but I also get hungry at 4 or so and usually snack on raw veg or have a cup of coffee.

Apr 10th 2013

Great for you! Way to bust the stall! I am dying to get out of thev180s But it's been tough! Going back to basics.

Apr 8th 2013

Your breakfast sounds too small. Also drink, drink drink. Be sure and take measurements, sometimes those change when the scale doesn't. Don't give...

Apr 6th 2013

Great idea! Can't wait to try it, or mayo and pesto, or chipotle. Hmmmm

Apr 4th 2013
Apr 4th 2013
Danielle Waldo replied to Mike Anthony's question:

Sweet flavorings?

What about sweet, naturally sweet, veggies. Carrots come to mind, you could sauté them or roast them with a bit of sweet onion. Also I love red bell pepper, - it's crispy, sweet and juicy. Grape ...

Apr 4th 2013
Danielle Waldo replied to 4hourRookie's question:

Mayo - Can someone explain to me

I found an organic mayo at Sprouts that has eggs, oil and salt. Just check for sugar and other items that end in -ose. May be hard to find, but read, read, read! I am on the hunt for salad dressin...

Apr 3rd 2013
Danielle Waldo asked a question:

Feeling so, so sick!

We went on vacation last week. I decided to go off slow carb, but no to binge every day. But had eggs and toast for breakfast, fruit and bread during the day as well as potatoes and fries for dinn...

Mar 26th 2013
Danielle Waldo replied to Matty Staudt's question:

Advice For Newbie

I know you will get lots of replies, and i am no expert. But you need to be eating more in the morning, including 30 grams of protein, which can be tough. And you need to be drinking lots and lots...

Mar 23rd 2013
Mar 23rd 2013
Mar 23rd 2013
Danielle Waldo replied to Mike Anthony's question:

JUMPED into a bag of chips...

Ok, I so gt this. Crunchy. Salty. Bite sized. Try this- cut up a head of cauliflower and put it in a zip lock bag. Add some Cajun seasoning or something else that's tasty and sc friendly, zip it, ...

Mar 23rd 2013

Way to go, Brenda!

Mar 23rd 2013

Good job, jake!

Mar 11th 2013

I used olive oil, but kind of overcrowded the pan with the spinach and then added all the eggs, trying to short cut it. Need to split it up into ...

Mar 8th 2013
Danielle Waldo replied to Mike Anthony's question:

Reheating foods?

This may sound dumb, but don't heat it so much. Maybe a half hour or so before you eat, take it out of the fridge then it won't be so cold. Then heat it til it's warm, not too hot. I often use a d...

Mar 8th 2013
Danielle Waldo asked a question:

Sensa idea

Ok, don't worry I am not going off track and using Sensa. But after counting out protein this morning and making my scrambled eggs, enough for the next 3 days, THEN, having a bunch stick to the da...

Mar 5th 2013