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Greek Yoghurt is not allowed but I have added it in since it is high fat and protein. Cottage Cheese is allowed and it's nutritional information i...

Nov 10th 2013
Lee RideFar replied to Ann E's question:

4 weeks in SCD and no weight or measurements lost

More fat. Alot more. Get coconut oil, coconut butter/manna, butter (grass fed), fatty meats, full fat plain greek yogurt, and bacon. Starting working those into your diet and see what happens. I...

Oct 12th 2013
Lee RideFar replied to Bryony Doran's question:


We missed it as well. Rum and Diet Blue Sky Cola didn't stall anything for us. The cola is sweetened with erythritol which is the best kind of artificial sweetener for you.

Oct 12th 2013
Lee RideFar replied to Todddzillla Gilbert's question:

Does fiber blunt whey protein insulin spikes?

isopure (and alot of whey proteins) uses sucralose. While it is in smaller doses it does disrupt gut bacteria and the efficiency of your digestive system. While the use of bran is always good, eat...

Sep 16th 2013

homemade kraut is just fine.

Sep 14th 2013
Lee RideFar replied to Shane Howard's question:

Is this CHEAT day compliant?

Looks good to me but I would not be using the meats in the video. That stuff is all factory meat and the sodium levels would be off the charts. Maybe try to add some spinach in there to get some...

Sep 14th 2013
Lee RideFar replied to Jorge Quintero's question:

Has anyone had Cheat WEEKENDS?

Why keep it to just the weekends? As long as you track what you eat there no reason why you can't just eat cheat meals throughout the week. If your in maintenance mode i'd experiment with eating 5...

Sep 14th 2013

One more thing! Sauerkraut. High end stuff. Organic and unpasteurized. Eating a 750ml jar over 7-10 days gets will get your gut digesting extremel...

Sep 12th 2013

Take one week long breaks from the SCD. On vacations I ate what I wanted (but did not go nuts) and when I got home I went back on the SCD. I found...

Sep 12th 2013

Shane, it sounds like you do have alot of weight to lose so you need to give your body time to be able to lose it. It took me 8 months to lose 25 ...

Sep 12th 2013

Most of the fats we consume are long chain fatty acids that must be broken down before they can be absorbed. Coconut oil/MCT is high in short and ...

Sep 12th 2013

I should add that my energy level for the day I fast and drink bulletproof coffee are pretty amazing. If I didn't love eating breakfast (bacon!) s...

Sep 10th 2013

Yes. I sometimes do the 18 hour fast twice a week. It certainly helps with the keeping the weight level steady or losing some. I've been on the SC...

Sep 10th 2013
Lee RideFar replied to Laura Nelson's question:

High protein and Osteoporosis

I would say no. Supplements often don't get absorbed as much as we think. Try eating more whole foods with high fats. Specifically Almond butter, almond milk, coconut manna, grass fed butter, baco...

Sep 8th 2013
Lee RideFar replied to Alyson Stinson Dopfer's question:

Protein powder

After 1.5 years of the morning protein shake I can't take it anymore! So I switched to a few spoonfuls of Almond Butter or Coconut Manna. Both keep me full until breakfast or lunch. While the Coco...

Sep 8th 2013
Lee RideFar replied to Shane Howard's question:

Who has used the Bulletproof Coffee after breakfast?

Been having it for months. I drink it mainly for the 18 hour fast (no food from 6pm to 12pm the next day). It works great for replacing the breakfast and keeping me full until 12pm. Bulletproof c...

Sep 8th 2013
Lee RideFar replied to Tyler McKenzie's question:

Protein Bars

Most of the protein bars are not SCD compliant but you can get close. Around 3pm every day I need something to get me to dinner so I eat 1/2 of a GNC chocolate protein bar. It's 180 calories so no...

Apr 1st 2013

Wombat. You're right, it is SCD friendly but 500 calories right before bed is a little hard to burn off. I had weight gain the next day every time...

Feb 24th 2013
Lee RideFar replied to Jirka Kinsk√Ĺ's question:

Sex Machine

I have used this a couple of times with perfect results. Since I am 6'2 200lbs I ate 5 eggs with some swiss cheese and an extra cod liver oil capsule. If you're bigger than Tim maybe you should up...

Feb 22nd 2013
Lee RideFar replied to Dylan Richards's question:

5'11" male. Currently weight 203. Can I go to 165?

When I added in Kettlebells I recorded no increase in weight loss but a decrease in inches from all measurements. Kettlebells will hasten the progress but not the way you are probably thinking it ...

Feb 11th 2013
Lee RideFar replied to Brian Schorr's question:

Protein Shakes

Optimum Nutrition Whey ($12.99 per pound) Now! Whey Isolate ($16.51/per pound) BioTrust Low Carb ($41.66/per pound) All three are pretty basic on the ingredients list. All three are about 200 cal...

Feb 11th 2013

I am 6'2" and in August 2012 I reached 188lbs. The scale said I was 14% body fat. It was tough to loose any more weight after that. I am not ...

Feb 11th 2013

I'll be trying bulletproof coffee soon! I love coffee and I am intrigued by this recipe and claims. thanks for sharing!

Feb 9th 2013
Lee RideFar replied to Travis Mitchell's question:

When did you become "Diet Confident?"

It's been a year since I started the SCD. I was very focus'ed for the first 8 months then people close to me said I was too thin. I then started the to G2F and gained 10lbs quickly. I kept the wor...

Jan 30th 2013
Lee RideFar replied to Casey N's question:

Standing outside in the cold vs. ice bath

At the bottom of page 124; "Ray Cronise took 20-30min shiver walks with just a t-shirt, earmuffs, and gloves to protect his upper body. " Reread this chapter and you'll find your answer...

Jan 18th 2013
Lee RideFar replied to Douglas Sheehan Douglas Sheehan's question:

Raise your hand if your cholestrol has gone up.

I was on the SCD for three months before I got my first blood work done. I had ideal cholesterol levels. Actually every test I had done was ideal. It was very reinforcing to see. Fat and Protein.....

Jan 17th 2013
Lee RideFar replied to Dylan Tomlinson's question:

Funny Christmas story...

I gave my family (three sisters and my parents) copies of four hour chef. They all know the success I (and my wife) have had on the diet. Plus all we have learned. But... it didn't seem well recei...

Jan 15th 2013
Lee RideFar replied to r h's question:

what is a scd approved thickener in a stirfry?

Agar Agar or Arrowroot powder. You don't need much and it will do the job. Completely natural and vegan too.

Dec 22nd 2012
Lee RideFar replied to Deborah Baldauf's question:

Ice Age .... Morning Ice water

As the book states. The method is less effective but still about 70% effective. To get yourself to shiver, wear less clothes when you do this or start it off with a cold shower.

Dec 19th 2012
Nov 29th 2012

Bingo. The FHB is a guide not a bible. If you track everything you can see what works for you. As we all know we are all built differently and can...

Nov 28th 2012
Lee RideFar replied to Dmayoff Mayoff's question:

Anyone else excited about 4-Hour Chef?

I ordered the 25 book deal he had on. Just waiting for it to arrive. If anyone in the Vancouver area needs a hard copy I have them! Yes I am excited. Looks like great material.

Nov 20th 2012

well said. I doubt Ketosis is healthy in anyway but since it is short term our bodies are more than capable to deal with it. Our bodies put up wit...

Nov 15th 2012
Lee RideFar commented on wombat's reply:

ground flax seeds will not last as long as whole flax seeds. Buy a cheap $20 spin blade grinder and grind them as you need them.

Nov 14th 2012
Lee RideFar replied to Karen Kennedy's question:

where do you get CQ in Canada(Ontario)?

I ordered it off Amazon.com. Not all suppliers will ship to Canada so you have check each amazon listing.

Nov 13th 2012
Lee RideFar asked a question:

The Last Mile vs. The Lemonade Diet

Both offer weight loss in a short amount of time... Last Mile is alot of food (protein) Lemonade Diet is little food Last Mile is an acidic (PH) Lemonade Diet is alkalizing (PH) The Last Mile is t...

Nov 10th 2012
Lee RideFar replied to Jim Scotson's tip:

My Occam's Experience

Just finished three weeks of F2G and now going to Occams protocol. It is strange to take three days off between workouts but I am still sore after two days so I guess it makes sense! Keep us poste...

Oct 31st 2012
Lee RideFar replied to Sober Monk's question:

Almond milk, fruit, and dark chocolate.

Both myself and my girlfriend have recorded steady weight loss with Almond Milk and some Dark Choclate. Track what you eat and see what happens.

Oct 29th 2012
Lee RideFar replied to Ray Harris's question:

HELP!! starting out and vegan

good luck... I was pseudo Vegan/Vegetarian before I started the SCD. There just isn't enough ways to get enough protein required on a Vegan diet. MAYBE a Vegetarian diet. The book does do a few c...

Oct 18th 2012

Agreed. As long as the Protein and Fat out does the ratio of sugars by a 5:1 or 4:1 I am ok with it.

Oct 16th 2012
Lee RideFar replied to Wendy Maldonado's question:

Added Coffee Bean Extract to my diet..

During my weight loss I ate Salmon/Halibut/Fish with Brocolli soup once a week. This meal had lots of protein and lots of greens. I always recorded weight loss eating this meal versus others. This...

Oct 15th 2012
Lee RideFar replied to Mriordan Enter last name's question:


I got a full set of blood tests after being on the slow card diet for 4 months. I was the picture of health! all cholesterol levels were very normal. I did make sure to fast. that really can mess ...

Oct 11th 2012