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May 14th 2013
Monika Avalos replied to Josh's question:

Hey guys, was just wondering if anyone eats deep fried foods?

I have! I've fried chicken, onions and carrot fries. I coat them with a garbanzo bean flower (amazing) mixed with other seasonings and it takes away my cravings when I really want to eat bad. Nice...

May 14th 2013

You cannot taste the beans! Remember, its all about the seasonings! I use chilli powder, paprika, pepper, garlic powder, salt and termeric for gar...

Oct 17th 2012

BAHAHHA!!!! I love you girl!!! We are the same! I wake up and immediately consume huge chocolate banana nut muffins and other sweet treats, then ...

Oct 11th 2012
Monika Avalos asked a question:

Game Changer! Garbanzo Bean Flour!!

I have recently discovered the power of Garbanzo bean flour so I had to share!! I have been testing and testing different recipes, so far some of my favorites are fried chicken, fried carrot fries...

Oct 11th 2012
Monika Avalos replied to wombat's question:

Cheat day- is it about calories, carbs, sugars, cravings, what exactly?

I would also remind you to make sure you stay active on your cheat days, that way you can eat the large amounts your supposed to;) great question!

Oct 11th 2012
Monika Avalos replied to chasebald's question:

What's your weakness?

SWEETS!! Chocolates, desserts, pies, you name it! It's a fight everyday!

Sep 26th 2012
Monika Avalos blogged:

Staying strong

Love everything about this blog! All of you who continue to stay strong, even in the weakest moments, and continue to support everyone inspire me! I have had many weak moments, but knowing that ...

Sep 23rd 2012
Monika Avalos replied to Alexandra buta's question:

Slow carb diet for fit people?

I'm in the same boat as you but have done this diet before. Since I love food I have found this the easiest lifestyle choice to live by. It is the only diet that I have gotten great results from a...

Sep 23rd 2012

Big Congrats to you lady!! It's do hard staying on it when we are thinking we are failing. I had a 4 week halt and then dropped 4lbs in 1 week! Ou...

Sep 23rd 2012

making this NOW!!

Aug 26th 2012
Aug 26th 2012