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    I will give it a try!! I also find SCD easier and harder... i dont really eat beans, so for me , SCD is Atkins without cheese. will keep you post...

    Nov 28th 2012
    Francisco Bento asked a question:

    Atkins vs SCD

    Hello fellow slowcarbers! So, I have been in and out SCD for quite a while. These last weeks were a real struggle since I also decided to quit smoking and the anxiety was almost unbearable... so ...

    Nov 27th 2012

    Or even tweet them with a defined hashtag... then everyone here could upload theirs as well... #4HPics for example

    Nov 23rd 2012

    WOW... that is so awesome!!! Akane is definitely this forum's muse!!!

    Nov 23rd 2012

    Akane, I actually thought that it's a lot easier to loose weight when you just start the diet. I guess that once you've been SCDing for a while, y...

    Nov 9th 2012

    Tall.. Stupid autocorrect...

    Nov 8th 2012

    How talk are you? I measured my Bf today and it showed 17%...and I am not sure it is right, because I still have so much to loose.

    Nov 8th 2012

    Thanks!!! I am actually loving to run every day... at first it started as a way to cope with my dog's death, but it became a pleasure.. It's hard...

    Nov 7th 2012
    Francisco Bento replied to Drewfis H's tip:

    November update!

    Congratulations man!!! 20% BF?!?!?! AMAZING!!!! And in such a short period... Right now I am at 27%BF... it's a very strange place, because I can see the BF decreasing but the scale keeps showing...

    Nov 7th 2012
    Francisco Bento replied to MaryC's question:

    Does any one out there hit their goal yet?

    I guess that once you enter this way of living, one is never satisfied since we can notice how easy it is to keep improving. But check out the Before and After session.. there are a lot of amazing...

    Nov 7th 2012
    Francisco Bento asked a question:

    about to loose it...

    So, I've been dieting for the last four months, 2of them in scd, and and lost 14kgs. last month, however, was not a very good one... My dog died and I decided to quit smoking. The amount of anxiet...

    Nov 7th 2012
    Francisco Bento replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

    5K Update!

    hey there! CONGRATULATIONS on the run!!! I just started the c25k myself. I am on week 3, but doing the same week program for 2 weeks. Lately, I have been experiencing a very annoying ache in my ...

    Nov 7th 2012

    bread, cakes, cookies... anything with flour. This would be such an awesome diet if we were allowed ONE slice of bread each day...

    Sep 26th 2012

    So, is coconut milk also allowed?? It would be PERFECT to add coconut milk in a curry chicken.

    Sep 19th 2012
    Francisco Bento replied to Dylan Tomlinson's question:

    Trying to map out the perfect cheat day... Update...

    I totally understand you!!! Overall, I am loosing about 2 lbs(1 kg) per week... which I think is not much, since I have been eating sooooo little. I just dont feel hungry and end up deciding not ...

    Sep 6th 2012
    Francisco Bento asked a question:

    That awkward moment...

    when you cherish the moment you brush your teeth because of the toothpaste flavor... anyone else?

    Sep 4th 2012

    This is my biggest struggle... unsweetened coffee. Looks impossible to me.

    Sep 4th 2012
    Francisco Bento asked a question:

    Is this recipe Ok? Brazilian Feijoada

    Hi there... I was thinking about making one of brazilian's most traditional cuisine, Feijoada. It's cooked black beans with sausages, pork meat and lots of spices... the thing is that usually, we...

    Sep 3rd 2012

    I will buy one of those scales that also measure body fat and lean mass... I think this will be better. I started scd with 92.8 kg and just reache...

    Aug 31st 2012
    Francisco Bento replied to Eric I's tip:

    Finally got on a scale - lost 30 pounds

    Amazing!!! Keep it up man!!! It's always so nice to hear about these things... Tomorrow is my day to face the evil scale... quite anxious to it, since its my second week with SCD.

    Aug 31st 2012

    You definitely should look for another doctor, but I dont see why the smoking habit diminishes his value... his actions? Sure. His habits? No. I m...

    Aug 30th 2012

    What would be considered starvation mode? I fear I might be in this, since lately I just dont want to eat. Having lunch (around 300g of lettuce, t...

    Aug 29th 2012

    From my understanding, the ketosis state is achieved when you dont eat any carbs at all... in the SCD case, we eat beans, so we wont enter in keto...

    Aug 24th 2012
    Francisco Bento replied to Marijn Somers's question:

    are uritest the same as ketostix ?

    So you are not eating beans? I thought that in SCD, one would never enter ketosis..

    Aug 24th 2012
    Francisco Bento replied to Andrew Haigh's blog post:

    Tracking it

    The ammount of lost weight put in the book can actually be achieved... but only if you REALLY follow the rules. Some people say that this is just a normal diet and that you should count calories i...

    Aug 24th 2012
    Francisco Bento blogged:

    Hi everyone!

    So, just thought it would be nice to come here and present myself. I've been reading this 4HP site so oftenly that I feel like I already know most of you. My name is Francisco, 29 years old, braz...

    Aug 22nd 2012