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Excellent, thanks Tom.

Jul 1st 2013

I have wasted 3 months doing occam and not eating occam. I stronger than before, but not any thinner or lighter. I could not do 2 push ups, now I ...

Jun 29th 2013
Rizwan Sandhu replied to carlamaree's question:

Book says: 4,700 mg of Potassium?

You are not going nuts, 99mg tablets are just labeled to confuse. They infact contain 550mg of potassium per tablet. So eating 4 tablets per day will give you 2200mg from tablets. For more detaile...

Mar 10th 2013

Thank you for responding. I have read the chapters "Fundamentals", "Ground Zero" and "Subtracting FAT". I know the l...

Aug 21st 2012
Rizwan Sandhu asked a question:

Newbie, Starting New

Hi Guys, I recently found 4HB, I have done carb cycling before but only for short periods ( 2 day cycles ). 4HB seems to have much strict protocol and a system around it to have better chance of s...

Aug 21st 2012