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    Katie Jester replied to Danny Yellin's question:

    What do you use in your coffee

    i used heavy cream and stevia, but it stalled my weight loss. i think it was more the stevia than the heavy cream, but when i cut it out completely i started losing inches. i read an article somew...

    Jan 8th 2016

    Thank you guys for the answers! I was wondering if anyone even goes on this site anymore. I think I'll cut out bacon all together after the package...

    Nov 6th 2015
    Katie Jester asked a question:

    Stuck..could Bacon be the problem?? Help!

    recently i made a post about when i stopped drinking coffee, the pounds started falling off. that was in the beginning of july, and since then nothing has changed in terms of the coffe drinking an...

    Oct 22nd 2015

    He does talk about it in the book, and I was just too stubborn to believe that coffee could completely stall my results until I just gave in and st...

    Jul 21st 2015
    Katie Jester asked a question:

    A tip for women who might be struggling...

    to make this short, ive been on this “diet” for about 3 years no with no results, just a struggle followed by disappointment and frustration. ive been able to maintain, but thats not w...

    Jul 4th 2015

    Thank you kc Kelly! I have actually been doing a lot of strength training with free weights for the past year, and I thought maybe that's why I'm h...

    Feb 23rd 2015
    Katie Jester asked a question:

    WOMEN: Are you seeing results? Give some tips on what you're doing!

    i have been on SCD for like, 3 years. its doing a great job of weight maintenance but i havent really gone down in jean size or lost any inches. i stay on it mainly just to maintain because i gain...

    Feb 17th 2015

    I thought about trying that, I'm just fearful that if I do I'll gain a bunch of weight. I really love food, so the scd is great for me because it ...

    Dec 10th 2013
    Katie Jester asked a question:

    Having trouble with cravings

    I've been on this diet for a little over a year now and at one point I was really happy with the way things were going. I was noticing a difference in my body and felt great about it, but then I w...

    Dec 9th 2013
    Katie Jester replied to Jessica Stuart's question:


    They're delicious. I love potatoes in any form and always have, so cauliflower mashed potatoes are a god send. I just throw a couple cups of raw cauliflower in a food processor with some white bea...

    Sep 5th 2013
    Katie Jester replied to Karinna Serantes's question:


    I also have a sweet tooth like nobodies business. Even after a full year on this diet, I still eat 80% sweets on my cheat day and have sugar cravings that start only a day after. It's tough, but I...

    Jul 24th 2013
    Katie Jester replied to MarcelA's question:

    New to SCD without a real food plan.

    Eggs, turkey bacon with no added sugar, canned beans, some frozen vegetables and chicken breasts. That's really all you need, and then once you get used to making meals with those few things you c...

    Jul 2nd 2013
    Katie Jester replied to Lavrin Pristazh's question:

    How can I post my questions?

    the same way you posted this one....? You have to be logged in in order to post them.

    Jul 2nd 2013
    Katie Jester replied to sunnymatilda's question:

    Eat before or after morning workout?

    I've had the same question for a while, so I did a little googling and found that working out on an empty stomach can be really great for fat loss, but I've also found info saying the opposite. ...

    Jul 2nd 2013
    Katie Jester asked a question:

    Getting tired of plain old beans??

    I saw this done on a cooking show and wanted to try it, since beans, after a while, can get pretty boring. All you need is a bean of your choice (canned), I usually use small white beans since the...

    Jan 28th 2013
    Katie Jester asked a question:

    Thought this might be helpful...

    So I've been doing SCD since August, and honestly have not seen any results. The only reason i stayed true to it is because I don't have to get on an elliptical for an hour 5 days a week just to m...

    Jan 11th 2013
    Katie Jester asked a question:

    great deal on vitamins

    So as you know, a lot of us take a number of vitamins each day and that gets expensive. So if you want to save some money, puritan.com has a deal... buy 1 get 1 free, or buy 2 get 3 free! And they...

    Nov 1st 2012
    Katie Jester replied to Jenny L's question:

    Can women skip cheat day?

    I wouldnt say skip it all together, but you could try spreading them out a little more; like instead of once a week, try 8-10 days. I was seeing almost no results when I was doing my cheat days ev...

    Oct 28th 2012

    Nice to know I'm not the only one who's bloated for what seems like a decade. I plan on measuring before my cheat day Thursday so hopefully it wil...

    Oct 16th 2012

    I try to only eat them at one meal but sometimes ill end up eating them at 2. But I'll start to be more conscience of how many beans I'm eating, s...

    Oct 16th 2012

    And thankyou BTW for your input!

    Oct 15th 2012

    After waking up: PAGG+cinnamon, L carnitine, calcium, and biotin. 3-4 days a week I do 75 kettlebell swings with a 25lb kettlebell, glute activati...

    Oct 15th 2012
    Katie Jester asked a question:

    For women, I think I need help. Period questions.

    Okay, so my ride on the SCD has been sort of up and down. Let my start by saying I'm 5'7" and 128-133 lbs. I've been on it for about 3 months, and all in all I've lost and regained the same d...

    Oct 15th 2012
    Katie Jester asked a question:

    A couple questions about the kettlebell swing...

    I bought a kettlebell last week, finally, after realizing that I'm going to have to spend the money on one eventually. I've only done them twice, the first time was basically just me trying to fig...

    Oct 5th 2012

    Thanks for the tip. I'm going to try to work my cheat days so that they fall on specific days like birthdays, holidays, etc. to prevent from havin...

    Sep 26th 2012
    Katie Jester asked a question:

    Restarting the diet....

    Going into my 8th week of the scd, I am going to restart the whole process. I have a love for nuts and don't seem to have any willpower to stop eating them once I start and probably should have st...

    Sep 23rd 2012
    Katie Jester replied to joshmac22's question:

    Does anyone struggle with creating tasty recipes

    I've been getting very bored of the same meals everyday, I decided to try something new yesterday and it was delicious! I don't know how you feel about salmon but if you like it, you should try th...

    Sep 21st 2012

    http://www.eslowcarbdiet.com/ According to that website they're not allowed. But I was told that that site is wrong about some foods, so that's w...

    Sep 21st 2012
    Katie Jester asked a question:

    Green olives?

    Why aren't olives allowed? I know they are a fruit, but there's no sugar or anything in an olive and if we can use olive oil, why can't we eat them?

    Sep 20th 2012
    Katie Jester asked a question:

    For the people with 10 lbs or less to lose...

    So i started the diet almost 7 weeks ago and have lose 5 lbs. I'm a female and I know that they say to wait until the 5th week to start seeing results, but I'm wondering (for those of you who onl...

    Sep 12th 2012

    Thank you! I think I'll start with the chewing more first, because that's the reason I think I eat so fast. I guess, in my head, when I'm hungry I...

    Sep 8th 2012
    Katie Jester replied to Laura van der Horst's question:

    beginning with smaller changes first

    I agree with Brenda. He does say in the book that even just changing your breakfast to a 30 grams protein breakfast within 30 minutes to an hour of waking will get you some results. I can't say fo...

    Sep 8th 2012
    Katie Jester asked a question:

    Does it really matter if I eat fast or slow?

    I have always been a very fast eater. I'm the person that finishes her meal at a restaraunt and sits there for 15 minutes waiting while everyone else is still eating. I take huge bites and don't c...

    Sep 6th 2012

    It could be because the foods that were allowed to eat you just don't want. There's plenty of times when i feel hungry but there's nothing that so...

    Sep 1st 2012
    Katie Jester replied to Diann Barton-King's question:

    Are Pork Rinds ok?

    Just read the ingredients. If all it is is fried pork skins and maybe some salt, then they're probably fine. But even so, I'd stay away from them.

    Aug 30th 2012

    Dr's think they know everything because they're doctors, and they don't like being told they're wrong. Unfortunately most of them aren't as worrie...

    Aug 30th 2012

    Wow I'm gonna have to take some of your tips and use them. Thanks!

    Aug 29th 2012

    I always eat breakfast whether I'm hungry or not, and usually about 3 to 4 hours later in hungry again and have lunch. But these past few days I h...

    Aug 28th 2012
    Katie Jester asked a question:

    Do you absolutely HAVE to eat 3 meals a day?

    I'm noticing these past few days, once I eat breakfast and lunch, I'm not hungry by dinner time and really have no desire to eat. I know that it's common sense to not eat if you're not hungry on a...

    Aug 28th 2012
    Katie Jester replied to Jodes Meyer's blog post:

    Day 1 - Here we go!

    You'll enjoy it. The noticeable results will keep you going, and I think that having a strict set of rules to follow makes this "diet" (I don't even consider it a diet) much, much easier...

    Aug 27th 2012

    That's supposed to say have it* not haitaly (damn iPhone auto correct)

    Aug 23rd 2012

    From my experience with the 2 cheat days I've had so far, I didn't feel as bloated and gross as I thought I would the next day, and I didn't have ...

    Aug 23rd 2012
    Katie Jester replied to Angela Polite Dokey's question:

    Any advice for a newbie?

    Well one thing that I love about this diet is there is a minimal requirement for exercise, and that is a huge convenience because I'm used to waking up at the asscrack of dawn and getting on the e...

    Aug 23rd 2012
    Katie Jester replied to Serkan Atila's question:

    Building muscle/losing fat

    I found this on google http://getfitguy.quickanddirtytips.com/how-to-lose-fat-and-gain-mus...

    Aug 23rd 2012

    And that website is awesome, just what I need! Hah

    Aug 22nd 2012

    Thank you! And I agree...cucumbers are nothing but water I don't see why they wouldn't be allowed.

    Aug 22nd 2012
    Katie Jester asked a question:

    Can anyone give a list of veggies that are allowed?

    I'm noticing the more I browse through the forums that there are a lot of "veggies" that I have been eating that aren't allowed, like bell peppers because they're technically a fruit, an...

    Aug 22nd 2012

    I Spent the last 6 years on a low calorie diet with at least a half hour of cardio 5 days a week, and now I'm down to no cardio and 20 mins of ton...

    Aug 21st 2012