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aSTORMinaCcup commented on Carp's reply:

That's easy to say .... but .... might be different answers if blokes were to lose two inches off their tackle on this plan :D

Mar 13th 2011

Thanks for your kind words! Yes I've stuck with the "no beans before bed" since that previous post ... and I've not missed them at all. Haven't wo...

Mar 6th 2011
aSTORMinaCcup asked a question:

Before vs end Week 4 (with pics)

Here's the difference a month makes: to this: That's 3.9 kg (8.5 lb) loss A loss of 6 inches (8.6 inches if you count my shrinking boobage) Fat of 29.9% now 26.5% GOALS: either weight 54kg (...

Mar 6th 2011
aSTORMinaCcup asked a question:

Lamb - is there a reason it's not on the preferred list?

Just refreshing my memory on the Slow-Carb-Diet part 1 RULE #2 Eat the same meals over and over again. Tim lists: *Eggs *Chicken Breast/Thigh *Beef *Fish Pork Is there a reason why lamb is not...

Feb 20th 2011
aSTORMinaCcup asked a question:

Before vs End Week 2 (with PICS)

Here's my updates - posting them for accountability. I have to look really really hard at the photos to see any difference; yet the results on the scales and by the measure suggest my progress is...

Feb 19th 2011
aSTORMinaCcup asked a question:

Before - February 6th

Just thought I'd pop in and post one of my before shots I've lost 2kg in the first week - but my measurements/total inches barely changed (down half an inch), and my "end of week 1" pho...

Feb 14th 2011