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    My husband and I were going over our different menus and how we can beef up/spice up what we are eating on the SCD. I get bored with the same stuff and it hinders my progress. I miss cheese...I re...

    Oct 14th 2012
    Katie El Alami replied to lskdjf lksdjf's tip:

    Chocomole dessert!

    Did you use stevia instead of dates? If yes, how much? This looks amazing!

    Oct 9th 2012
    Katie El Alami replied to Stephen Bidgood's question:

    Need some Snack ideas....

    It is tough...for sure. I love cookies A LOT, so I make sure not to have them (raw dough or cooked) in the house. I read that having a little something fatty like a spoon full of Peanut Butter hel...

    Oct 9th 2012
    Katie El Alami blogged:

    Starting over...Day 1

    Today's weight: 252...ugh really? It is a wake up call when I know that from July 2011 to Nov 2011, I was very strict with the SCD and got to 234 lbs. It was great! Then the holidays, then sick ...

    Oct 9th 2012

    Seriously...BEEF Protein! And it is not vile at all (at least in my opinion). They husband and I tried the Egg protein powder but all that did was...

    Aug 22nd 2012
    Katie El Alami replied to Nadia Papineau's tip:

    Protein Black Bean Brownies

    This black bean brownie recipe is great! I omitted the protein powder and dump the whole can of beans (fluid included) in the food processor. These have helped my husband and I choke down our bean...

    Aug 22nd 2012

    I have found that since being on the SCD, if I eat too much of bread products, I have bad bloat and bad stomach...I love pancakes too...but now th...

    Aug 22nd 2012

    I am sorry to hear you are so tired. Feeding another human being certainly takes a lot out of you (I can relate, I used to get sties in my eyes wh...

    Aug 22nd 2012
    Katie El Alami replied to Nader Tohamy's blog post:

    Update after Ramadan!

    Congrats on your weight loss during Ramadan! I applaud you for doing SCD AND fasting all day...especially during the Summer days...it makes the day loooonng!

    Aug 22nd 2012
    Katie El Alami blogged:

    Awesome protein powder for Omnivores

    To use or not to use protein powder?...that is the question. My husband and I have read posts about those who experienced positive effects of using protein powder and those who had their weight lo...

    Aug 22nd 2012