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Tyler Pedraja replied to Smithar Raghunathan's question:

Working out on your cheat day

Well, one of the techniques in Damage Control is muscle contractions during binge day. This sends the sugar to your muscles, growing them, instead of into your fat. So working out on binge day pro...

Jul 2nd 2013

no more than two cups. I only make protein shakes with it in the mornings because I can't bring myself to cook and eat within 30 minutes of waking...

Oct 27th 2012

I drink maybe one mug of either coffee or hot cocoa a day. I've checked all the ingredients I put in and they're all slow-carb friendly. Vegetable...

Oct 25th 2012

I assume around 14-15% for the degree of compliance I put towards slow-carb, I had expected to look like the picture of Tim in the kettlebell chap...

Oct 25th 2012
Tyler Pedraja asked a question:

My Stubborn Stall

I've stalled now for the last few weeks, having not lost any weight throughout the weeks. Here's a menu of the sort of things I eat: Beans Ground beef Chicken Broccoli Peas Heavy Cream (only a t...

Oct 25th 2012
Tyler Pedraja asked a question:

Why is the kettlebell swing so effective?

Tim says in the book that exercise is a very small part of weight loss. Why is it that the kettelbell s wing in particular is so useful? Is there some release of fat-loss hormones when you use ful...

Sep 7th 2012
Tyler Pedraja asked a question:

Why are beans allowed?

Beans have plenty of carbohydrates. I know they have a lots of fiber too, but the net carbs is still pretty high. My question is, why beans in particular? is there something special about them?

Aug 23rd 2012
Tyler Pedraja commented on tknc's reply:

Thanks for the suggestion; I do eat two cans of beans a day, so I think that probably covers my fiber needs for the day. I'll keep you updated on ...

Aug 8th 2012

Good news! 167.5lbs today, down from ~170lbs three days ago. Cutting out the soda worked and now I seem to be on the right track. Thank you guy...

Aug 8th 2012

Well, In the book Tim eats somewhere around 6,000kcal in order to prove that it's not an issue of calories-in/calories-out. As for the last mile, ...

Aug 7th 2012

Yeah, I much prefer this way of eating even though I haven't lost weight with it in quite some time. As far as vegetables, they're pretty much no...

Aug 6th 2012
Tyler Pedraja commented on Jake's reply:

Vegetables are nearly non-existant. My only form of plant-based foods is coming from the beans of which I might have 1 can of black bean soup (no ...

Aug 6th 2012
Tyler Pedraja asked a question:

8-month plateau? Help me break it!

I've stalled for about 8-months now. I'm a 6' male at ~170lbs, maybe 13-14% body fat. Here's what an average day's meal plan looks like for me: Steaks Burgers beans eggs bacon sausages pork rind...

Aug 6th 2012