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Another thought - if you were genuinely concerned about a drop in you supply you could try adding a fenugreek tea or another galactagogue to your ...

Jan 8th 2014

At 1 year I would think your milk is probably mostly stimulated by how much your daughter is taking, at 1 year I didn't fill up much at all but th...

Jan 8th 2014
Nancy Howat replied to Alexander's question:

Why is SCD so efficient? just because it's a moderately low calorie diet?

I have been having a bit of a (failed) experiment the past few weeks - I have been trying to eat primal (almost paleo with the exception of an occasional bit of cheese and cream in my coffee (not ...

Oct 25th 2013
Nancy Howat replied to Tillyander Moore's tip:

Lemon water tip

Good advice - my dentist also told me that using a straw is a good idea as well as it takes the liquid straight to the back of your mouth and mostly avoids the teeth. Wouldn't work as well for ho...

Aug 23rd 2013
Nancy Howat replied to OntheWagon's question:

PAGG timing, SCD & Workouts, and Gas - OH MY!

I've got a couple of suggestions. I'm quite prone to gas from beans and this has helped me..... Maybe start with only having lentils rather than beans. I buy my lentils dry rather than canned a...

Aug 23rd 2013

Experimentation - I like it. I tried one week cutting out the legumes and adding a small bowl of berries in the afternoon as a snack instead (str...

Aug 22nd 2013
Nancy Howat replied to Ben Blau's question:

Blueberries REDUCE insulin?

I had a quick look at PubMed and I could see plenty of papers that seems to indicate that blueberries improve insulin sensitivity, I couldn't see anything that said that they actually reduced insu...

Aug 21st 2013

Following on from Moon Wong, food on the go can be a bit tricky! I have found Pret a Manger to be a reasonable choice. Marks and Spencer is also n...

Jul 25th 2013

Kippers are smoked herring. They are hot smoked so cooked already and just need heating. You can grill them or wrap in foil and cook in the oven -...

Jul 20th 2013
Nancy Howat replied to sunnymatilda's question:

Any tips for staying on track whilst on U.K. vacation?

Your choice may be more limited depending on where you are staying. If you are in a big city then any of the big supermarkets will have what you need - sainsburys, tesco, Morrison's or Waitrose....

Jul 19th 2013
Nancy Howat replied to BringOnTheBeans's question:

Status Update

Great work, congratulations

Jul 17th 2013
Jun 19th 2013

You have done amazingly well - congratulations! I see your comments above about the allergies - I've noticed the same thing this year with my hay...

Jun 7th 2013
Nancy Howat commented on skuko's reply:

I agree with skuko - the kids can handle a lot more carbs than us, but you are right to look for healthier ones. Have you looked at the paleo die...

Jun 5th 2013

You also want to avoid "rusk" and "breadcrubmbs" in your sausages. Start looking at the premium supermarket sausages e.g.Tesc...

Jun 4th 2013
Nancy Howat shared a tip:

Finally came out of my stall

I have been following the SCD for around a year - I started at around 236 lb in May last year (I'm 5 foot 6" and aged 41) and had managed to lose about 40lb by Christmas - fairly consistently...

Jun 2nd 2013
Nancy Howat replied to Tomhole's question:

A nice video that explains why everyone responds differently to SCD

That was interesting! I'm trying to figure out a stall I'm going through at the moment. I lost the first 40lb or so quite easily, but I have pretty much only lost 5lb since Christmas. I need to lo...

May 28th 2013

I cook a lot of Indian food - a lentil dahl is pretty my my default option when it comes to my pulses (I make an enormous pan of the stuff and fre...

May 18th 2013
Nancy Howat replied to Alex's question:

Starting on monday

I'm not sure what the main farming methods are in Germany, but it would be worth checking it out as EU animal welfare/farming regulations are quite a bit tighter than in the USA. In the UK, our b...

May 2nd 2013
Nancy Howat commented on G G's reply:

I also freeze my beans and lentils - but only the ones that have a slightly softer texture. So lentil dahls freeze well in individual portions an...

Apr 23rd 2013
Nancy Howat commented on Conzz's reply:

I've been mixing my unflavoured, unsweetened whey protein isolate with instant coffee and water - it isn't fabulous, but I wouldn't describe it as...

Apr 21st 2013
Nancy Howat replied to Ellipsis's question:

Vegetables Make Me Vomit...

I would probably go for the "slowly" approach, maybe not try to go full on SCD vegetables right away and maybe start experimenting with 1 or 2 different veg at a time. What is it you di...

Apr 18th 2013
Nancy Howat replied to kaytea's question:

6 months then gain weight???

Are you sure you scales are OK - mine do some strange things if the batteries need changing or sometimes even if I move them to a different spot in the bathroom! Also - sometimes it can just be a...

Apr 18th 2013

Double cream is the British equivalent of "heavy cream" and is what you should be looking for (there is also an "extra thick double...

Apr 16th 2013

I used to be OK taking a week or so off the diet and coming back to it - I've been following the SCD since the end of May 2012 and have lost ~40lb...

Apr 2nd 2013
Nancy Howat replied to fiftyg's question:

Recent study on bacon

I don't eat a lot of processed meat - I was getting a bit concerned about 30g ham a day in my morning omelet which I an now swapping out with alternatives. If you ever have a read of John Briffa'...

Apr 2nd 2013
Nancy Howat replied to Tomhole's question:

This kinda freaked me out this morning

Wow - you haven't just lost lbs - you seem to have lost years as well

Mar 28th 2013
Nancy Howat commented on wombat's reply:

I have found that a lot of the curry type sauces are very SCD friendly. I'm not sure about the brands that are available in the US but the Pataks...

Mar 19th 2013
Nancy Howat replied to Andrew Preston's question:

Gained weight

It may be the chickpeas - in the book Tim warns about them being a bit of a domino food and prone to portion abuse. Lentils can be a good call when you get to the shops - you can buy some really ...

Mar 5th 2013

Almost without exception I am at my heaviest 2 days after my cheat day - it doesn't matter how carefully I follow the SCD on a Monday (day after c...

Feb 19th 2013

Arrowroot is supposed to be OK - I bought some last week and am intending to try it. I also bought some pea protein - initially to try and make m...

Feb 11th 2013
Nancy Howat replied to Crystal Dickson's question:

Recipe question?

1. The recipe looks fine as is 2. Let me know your secret to getting your girls to eat brussels sprouts LOL On the whole I eat the same things as the rest of the family I just work out the accom...

Feb 11th 2013
Nancy Howat replied to Crystal Dickson's question:


I don't have low blood sugar, but I would have thought that as one of the reasons TF suggests the beans/lentils in this diet is to avoid spikes and the subsequent lows in blood sugar this would be...

Feb 9th 2013

The whey that I was using was the optimum nutrition gold standard whey so it wasn't bad stuff. 2 hours later I was starving though. I did wonder...

Feb 4th 2013
Nancy Howat asked a question:

Protein shakes and water - didn't seem to help

I've been following the SCD for about 8 months now and have lost about 40 lb so generally I'm a pretty happy bunny Up until now I've had a bit of an epic fail on the 30g protein within 30 mins of...

Feb 4th 2013

Well I'm 41 and I have 2 kids. I have been following the SCD since the end of May last year and have lost a total of 31 lb (I kind of lost some g...

Jan 28th 2013

Chai is really nice - it is tea with spices like cinnamon, cardamon, ginger and cloves added - Twinnings do a good one and so do Dragonfly Teas (a...

Jan 8th 2013

I've managed to switch to taking it black with lemon and a teeny tiny bit of stevia (except on cheat days when I go back to the milk and no sugar)...

Jan 7th 2013

Thanks Deborah - I've messaged you on Facebook

Jan 5th 2013
Nancy Howat replied to Minnesota's question:

Buddy System -- Let's do this, together.

This sounds like a great idea - I'd quite like a 4HB buddy as well! I've been SCD since the end of last May, so about 7 months so far, and I've lost about 36lb or so. I'm 41 years old, 5 foot 6 i...

Jan 5th 2013

I struggle a bit with beans straight out of the can and they can upset my stomach a bit - I usually use lentils and cook a big vat of dahl and fre...

Dec 12th 2012
Nancy Howat replied to Annie Shand's question:

Day 10 on SCD

I had a look at your meals from the blog - I love that blouse BTW, you must have a less messy baby than mine were though LOL. My first thought is that I couldn't see any beans or pulses so I thou...

Dec 12th 2012

I don't think you need to actually have the disease to be prevented from donating - I believe if you have travelled to the UK and parts of Europe ...

Dec 6th 2012

I wondered if it was a typo for CJD

Dec 5th 2012
Nancy Howat replied to Luis Mejia's question:

On average, how long does it take everyone to lose the cheat day weight gain

My cheat day is a Sunday and I find I don't actually reach my maximum post cheat day weight until Tuesday. I have usually lost it all again by Thursday. I've never skipped a cheat day before so...

Dec 5th 2012

This is the one I have in the cupboard I had a small experimental spoonful of it while I was cooking a ...

Dec 3rd 2012

I've not tried the peanut butter trick although I do have some in the cupboard - I'll have to check it is in date first though.... I'll give it a ...

Dec 3rd 2012
Nancy Howat asked a question:

Post cheat day carb cravings

I've been following the SCD now for about 6 months and have now lost about 35lb and loads of inches, so it is working for me. One thing I am finding though is although I generally no longer have ...

Dec 3rd 2012

I almost have almost invariably put on about 1lb when I weight myself the day after cheat day - the second day after cheat day I also seem to have...

Nov 5th 2012