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Feb 15th 2013
Minnie Mi replied to Rodrigo Jardim's question:

Very bad and dangerous results with SCD - beware of what your body needs

I'm curious to see the responses to this post because maybe this is what is affecting my weight loss. I have been on this diet for about 5 months and haven't really lost any weight, I just go up a...

Feb 7th 2013

That's it!! I workout everyday (6 days a week) mix it up with the cardio and weights.. I guess I'm doing something wrong..

Jan 30th 2013
Minnie Mi replied to rawrick's blog post:

Girl that worked HARD

You look amazing!! Congratulations, you deserve it!! How did you do this? Give another girl trying to lose some 10 lbs some advice please. Thanks.

Jan 29th 2013
Minnie Mi replied to LizMir's tip:

Simple Bean Cake Recipe: Feels like cheat day!

I made these using Cannellini Beans and added some spinach. They did not hold very well. Are we supposed to basically fry them because I used a cooking spray first and it did not come out that wel...

Jan 24th 2013
Minnie Mi commented on wombat's reply:

thanks for responding!!!

Jan 24th 2013
Minnie Mi asked a question:

Is almond meal ok to eat?

Is almond meal ok to eat?

Jan 23rd 2013

Thank You for all your responses!!! I will give it a try and see how it affects me!! I only have about 10 lbs to lose so I will definitely watch w...

Nov 23rd 2012
Minnie Mi asked a question:

Whey Protein Isolate

I watched Tim Ferriss on Dr. Oz yesterday and feel confused about something. He recommends a Whey Protein Isolate shake for breakfast but I thought Whey protein was no good for losing weight. Ple...

Nov 21st 2012

Thank you all for your responses!!!! Is there another protein that is recommended while on this diet? I drink it because I wake up early in the m...

Aug 17th 2012

Wow SakuraDancer, Thanks for the great response. I was on the verge of giving up and your post has helped me understand the process so much better...

Aug 16th 2012
Minnie Mi asked a question:

Stomach Issues - giving up!!!

hello everyone, I have been on this diet for over 4 weeks and have not lost any weight/inches... I'm disapointed with the lack of progress considering I've been sticking to it so well... I have a...

Aug 16th 2012

Thank you for both of your responses. I have been taking my measurements but no change at all. I know I will continue on this because I'm feeling...

Aug 1st 2012
Minnie Mi replied to mexico bound's question:

Women wait until week 5!

Wow, so, so glad to see this post!!! I'm in week 3 almost and havent lost any weight or inches but will wait another 3 weeks and see how that goes. Thanks so much for posting!!!

Aug 1st 2012
Minnie Mi asked a question:

Two weeks in... doesnt look like I'm losing

Hello everyone, I'm a newbie and have been having issues with the weight loss. I've been on the slow carb diet over two weeks now and have not seen results yet. I just dont know what I need to do ...

Aug 1st 2012