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Ray Porter commented on TeaLove's reply:

I definitely got sick, it was the milk shake I had at the end of cheat day. I'm sure i ate 3000 calories on Sat.

Jul 30th 2012

Thanks for the suggestions, do you guys think that if I had to drink one of the carb control shakes for breakfast 1-2 a week it would negatively i...

Jul 26th 2012
Ray Porter commented on beaujac's reply:

Thanks for the advice, I did a lot of grilling last night and I have dinner and lunch covered until my cheat day. My thing is I HATE HATE HATE eat...

Jul 25th 2012
Ray Porter asked a question:

General Eating Question

My question is this, when eating on the diet I sometimes have a lack of time to eat and was wondering if not eating beans or a veggie with my meal would hurt. For example, this morning for breakfa...

Jul 25th 2012