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    Joan Good replied to Mark Manifold's question:

    6 weeks in and I've been stuck at 10 lbs lost since week 3

    Diet soda can have a huge impact! My son is on SCD as well and diet soda has thrown him off track several times! Not just a little hurdle, but a full blown, back to square one gain! The sweetener...

    Jul 20th 2013
    Joan Good replied to Mariana's question:

    4 hour body troubles

    Tim warns about too much exercise causing stalls. Perhaps now that your tri is over, and you can train less, you'll see some new changes. Also, consider that for women this diet can be frustrati...

    Jul 17th 2013
    Joan Good commented on Brenda 7's reply:

    Thanks! I got to a few places where I'd gain and lose the same 5 pounds every week, then I'd drop a little tiny bit and cycle around the same num...

    Jul 17th 2013
    Joan Good replied to Minnesota's tip:

    Tips and Tricks: Slow Carb Style

    My beginner advice, stop trying to eat eggs for breakfast. 30g of protein from eggs, at 6g per egg means you need to eat 5 eggs. Many beginners complain that they feel sick (myself included!) beca...

    Jul 16th 2013

    Similarly, for women, the scale can vary wildly week to week. Don't compare day to day, compare one day to the same day the month before so you're...

    Jul 16th 2013
    Joan Good replied to Alexander's question:

    Doing everything quick to achieve 30in30

    I don't weigh every day, especially the few days after cheat day. Why worry myself? I do Omron readings about once a week. I also shower later in the morning. Get up, go potty. Hop on scale, j...

    Jul 16th 2013
    Joan Good asked a question:

    Just checking in

    It's been a busy summer and I haven't posted much. In case anyone was wondering what happened with my portable protein issue, I'll update I just reached my one year anniversary. I'm down 48 pou...

    Jul 16th 2013
    Joan Good replied to Abulonna's question:

    Can I have chickpeas?

    You sure can, just be careful! Whole beans are probably not that easy to overdo so things like chickpea salad, or a few topped onto other side dishes is probably safe. Hummus is a real problem fo...

    Jul 16th 2013
    Joan Good replied to MarcelA's question:

    New to SCD without a real food plan.

    When I first started my typical day was a breakfast of grilled hamburger, spinach with butter, and beans. The burgers (24g protein) were bought frozen in a pack and reheated on a little countertop...

    Jul 15th 2013
    Joan Good replied to Merri's question:

    Second on 4HB and Need Some Encouragement

    I don't know what caused you to stop before, but I've found the diet to be very easy to follow compared to others. Yes, the strict days are strict, but with the reward of cheat day at the end, it'...

    May 5th 2013
    Joan Good replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

    Overdue for a check-in, Just hit a massive landmark!

    Congratulations! That's some hard work and it shows!! You look great! Do you double take when you pass by a mirror? Or do the before pictures now look like someone else? I was talking to someo...

    May 5th 2013

    Eva I'm baffled too! I think I'm just going to pick one that looks good, the right amount of protein, not many added carbs, hopefully doesn't tas...

    May 5th 2013
    Joan Good commented on Conzz's reply:

    It's a troop of 11-13 year old Girl Scouts. They'd be mortified! If it was a Boy Scout troop I'd probably just risk it and see who could out fart ...

    May 5th 2013
    Joan Good commented on wombat's reply:

    I went back to the book to remind myself what trim had given his dad. It was a ready to drink myoplex drink. Those are flavored and sweetened with...

    May 5th 2013
    Joan Good commented on Tomhole's reply:

    I found a product that looks similar locally, but they only have the flavored types, with stevia.

    May 5th 2013
    Joan Good commented on Tomhole's reply:

    Do you use the flavored versions, or the plain? The descriptions on amazon say no artificial sweetener, but that doesn't leave out natural sweeten...

    May 3rd 2013
    Joan Good commented on Conzz's reply:

    I have a gimpy leg so while we'll be moving a lot, I won't be doing a whole lot more than walking! Is it a protein isolate? A little googling sug...

    May 3rd 2013
    Joan Good asked a question:

    travel friendly protein shake?

    While I'm generally the queen of saying that protein shakes are unnecessary, because making a quick breakfast isn't that hard, I find myself in a situation when I may need one! I'm going to be ch...

    May 2nd 2013

    See, a lot of people have mentioned a slow or a stall in the winter! I'm not looking for an excuse to wave off my stall, but it's nice to hear t...

    Apr 1st 2013
    Joan Good replied to 4hourRookie's question:

    Took a Week Off -- Not a Question, more of a Reflection

    After 8 months on the diet, and down about 40 pounds, I took a little over a week off. I keep hitting these annoying stalls for weeks at a time, the scale not budging at all. I decided to just re...

    Apr 1st 2013
    Joan Good replied to Bugzy Chorky's question:

    Kettlebell pain

    (I am not a doctor, you should consult a doctor) as a mom of 4, if you were my kid I'd tell you that you probably strained the muscle. Use ice packs on the sore spot, take some ibuprofen or tylen...

    Feb 20th 2013

    You're right, just holding steady over the holidays should be a victory! I was complaining to a friend that I hadn't lost anything In a few weeks ...

    Feb 20th 2013
    Joan Good replied to Drew Carter's question:

    Time for a reset

    If every dinner is going to be off the diet, you're probably not going to see useful results. Any day that you slip those non-bean carbs in could be considered a cheat day. When I start to slip ...

    Feb 20th 2013
    Joan Good replied to Ciaran's tip:
    Feb 20th 2013

    I'm doing all of that, the only thing that's not great is the 30 minute rule. I do get breakfast before an hour is up, but with 4 kids my whole da...

    Feb 12th 2013
    Joan Good commented on Brenda 7's reply:

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who seemed to notice a change with the weather. it makes me hopeful for spring! If I try to do the water, I can't f...

    Feb 12th 2013

    Skip the eggs for breakfast and try opting for meats instead, sausage, hamburger, chicken breasts, etc, and save the eggs for lunch or dinner when...

    Feb 12th 2013
    Joan Good asked a question:

    Winter slows?

    I'm seeing a lot of posts about people stalling, or not losing as fast as they expected. I'm wondering if it's weather related? I'm curious if any of the long timers (folks on the diet more than...

    Feb 9th 2013
    Joan Good replied to Elma Love's question:

    Why is it not working?

    As others have mentioned, most women have a slower time of it than the examples in the book. My advice is to stick to it, weigh one a week, the morning of cheat day and compare to the MONTH before...

    Feb 9th 2013
    Joan Good replied to clemmyx's question:

    Any one have cheat day not on Saturday?...Moving my cheat day advice needed

    Yes, it's ok to change it to fit your schedule. Mine swaps from Friday to Saturday as my plans with hubby and my kids change. The critical thing though is to make sure you plan ahead and stick to...

    Feb 9th 2013
    Joan Good replied to Danielle Lanslots's question:

    ATTN WOMEN: water retention during mother nature's visit

    I find it can fluctuate during the week, especially with salt intake. I stopped weighing daily, now I just do it weekly, and I try to compare to the month before, rather than the week before. That...

    Jan 16th 2013
    Joan Good replied to Steve Melby's tip:

    My first bout with lost motivation.

    I was out of town 2 months ago because my father was entering hospice and I needed to be with him and my family. I had a similar thing happen. I was sure I was going to come home 20 pounds heavie...

    Dec 16th 2012
    Joan Good replied to Dana Costantino's question:

    Not getting results...posting my daily meals... Advice?

    Have you tried skipping the gum? If you're chewing that all day, you're just trickling sweetener into your system all day long and possibly (depending on the ingredients) keeping your insulin ramp...

    Dec 16th 2012
    Joan Good replied to Candela MM's question:

    Not losing cheat day weight

    Welcome to the stall, it happens! It's especially common in women because we have extra hormonal issues and water gains that are outside the diet that still affect the scale. When I hit a similar ...

    Dec 13th 2012
    Joan Good replied to Annie Shand's question:

    My beans have sugar!

    You'll become a label reader on this diet! In the mean time, you can rinse the ones you have to wash off the sugar before you eat them!

    Dec 13th 2012
    Joan Good replied to Luis Mejia's question:

    On average, how long does it take everyone to lose the cheat day weight gain

    I've found that the amount of time it takes to shake the cheat day weight for me has a lot to do with what I eat. If I've splurged on rice or dairy or fruit, the weight maybe gone in as little as...

    Dec 7th 2012
    Joan Good replied to Sandra Slone's question:

    Spark from advocare ?

    The ingredients list maltodextrin and sucralose. Both are sweeteners which would put this on my NO list. Just because it's sugar free doesn't mean it won't spike your insulin!

    Dec 7th 2012
    Joan Good replied to Sabina G's question:

    No egg breakfast ideas wanted

    I often eat a hamburger for breakfast. It's about 24g which is darn close without making me feel stuffed.

    Dec 7th 2012

    I agree with this! Load up you lunch with a splash of olive oil, or add some butter to your veggies. It helps a TON with hunger!! I recently spen...

    Dec 1st 2012
    Joan Good replied to Alon Tako's question:

    2 meals a day?

    You could try stepping down to 20g at breakfast so you don't feel stuffed. Then aim for 20g at lunch with veggies for fiber and taper back on the beans to make the meal smaller, again so you don't...

    Nov 20th 2012
    Joan Good replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

    6 Month Report! Including Before and After* Pics!

    Wow! You look fabulous! What a huge change! Your after pictures look like the younger brother of the guy in the before pictures! Congratulations! I know it took hard work and effort, and it r...

    Nov 18th 2012
    Joan Good replied to upandunder's question:

    Doing something wrong? Weight staying the same.

    When I hit a plateau, I had to go back to measuring things on a scale or with a measuring cup to remind myself of the proper portions of my non-veggie foods. No more than 1 cup of beans across th...

    Nov 16th 2012
    Joan Good replied to Katie Jester's question:

    For women, I think I need help. Period questions.

    I never weighed myself so religiously until I was on this diet so I knew I gained and lost a few pounds as my hormones changed, but I couldn't have told you how many or for how long! Now I know t...

    Nov 12th 2012
    Joan Good replied to lskdjf lksdjf's question:

    30g of protein for breakfast

    A big breakfast jump starts your metabolism in the morning and gets you burning fat all day long. Remember that depending on what section you're reading, the book says only 20g at breakfast exce...

    Oct 8th 2012
    Joan Good replied to Liz James's question:

    dizzy after meals

    I agree with Valerie, if you were a sugar junkie prior to starting this diet, it will take a while for your body to adjust your insulin to appropriate levels when exposed to cabs, even slow ones l...

    Sep 25th 2012

    I can't eat enough eggs in the morning to get 30g of protein without making myself sick, so I just eat beef, usually a hamburger!

    Sep 22nd 2012

    I haven't been doing pagg, or kettlebells, and only sporadically doing ice packs and I was losing an average of 2lb a week. At first I was tracki...

    Sep 22nd 2012

    I kept grabbing the tape measure and reciting parts of the book about how it's not always visible on the scale, but sadly it wasn't visible on the...

    Sep 22nd 2012
    Joan Good commented on Brenda 7's reply:

    We moved a year ago and I did a huge closet purge and tossed anything that didn't fit. So when I hit about 10 pounds lost, everything I owned was...

    Sep 22nd 2012