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Dec 28th 2012
blueman replied to Bluezen1014's question:

What's the difference between the Atkins Diet & Slow Carb?

Ketosis. That is the main difference. The Atkins diet is all about severely restricting carbohydrates, initially, to put your body into ketosis so that it stops metabolizing glucose as energy an...

Dec 14th 2012
blueman replied to Dheana Ramsay's question:

How to do Cheat Day when you don't LIKE junk food!

I don't think I've ever equated cheat day to packing in junk food. It certainly happens, believe me, but I am more concerned with eating whatever it is I've been missing (not necessarily craving)...

Dec 14th 2012
Nov 14th 2012
blueman replied to Blair Scalise's question:

Newbie Question - Tracking Calories?

Although I agree with DarrenDad that calorie counting is not supposed to be necessary, I found (after tracking all caloric intake for a time) that I was consuming far too few calories throughout t...

Oct 29th 2012
blueman replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

The Bad Week

Hi Juan. I spent last week in San Antonio as well, so I am literally feeling your pain right now. I managed to maintain my weight loss, mainly through cardio and weight training in the hotel, bu...

Oct 29th 2012
blueman replied to Andrew Blacker's question:

Male. 4 Weeks. 10 Pounds. Need Help.

The "large portion of washed beans" causes some concern. Limit your intake to about 1 cup of beans per day spread out over the course of your day. At the very least, know your portion ...

Oct 12th 2012
blueman replied to Alyson Stinson Dopfer's question:

Coming up for my first real cheat day!

Don't be nervous about your cheat day. It's supposed to be fun and it serves a very useful purpose. I stressed my cheat days at first too. It's really hard to see all that progress throughout t...

Oct 9th 2012

I lost 22.6 pounds in my first month and just finished the second month down 34.8 ponds total. Accounting for initial water loss, my rate has not...

Aug 27th 2012
Aug 23rd 2012

Thanks Brittney!

Jul 26th 2012

Thanks for the encouragement. I have always been able to take off weight fairly easily, when it has actually been a priority. Unfortunately, I c...

Jul 26th 2012
blueman replied to Brittney Kyle's blog post:

Vomited night of Day 2

It sounds like food poisoning to me. I have had the exact same symptoms twice in my life and they are truly unforgettable. I would suggest going easy and keeping your meals light until you feel ...

Jul 24th 2012
blueman asked a question:

Member intro: Jason

I have been reading many of the wonderful posts on this forum for almost a month now, but never registered as a member. I am in the middle of week 3 of my SCD and have had some great results so f...

Jul 21st 2012