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Josie Zhou asked a question:

Cheat day timing

I'm just wondering if anyone has tried a cheat day starting from lunch on one day and finishing just before lunch on the following day? I suppose that's a full day, with sleeping in the middle, ra...

Nov 30th 2012
Josie Zhou commented on Beorn86's reply:

just wondering what jar size are you guys talking about? (just wanna check if i fall into the 1/2jar addict category:p)

Aug 1st 2012
Josie Zhou replied to Levi's question:

Eating intervals

I have a very bad habit, as soon as i sit at desk and work, I feel like munching things, so I have been pretty much eating SCD meals throughout the day. Clearly, I have not left a 4h interval betw...

Jul 18th 2012