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My 4HB Goal: To get to 150 lbs, develop sustainable eating habits and stop obsessing over food!







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    Jan 5th 2014
    Mike C replied to Dreamer's question:


    I would stick to 1 avocado per day, or even half an avocado (so hard to only eat half, I know!). See if your weight stalls and adjust accordingly. Unfortunately avocado isn't one of the foods tha...

    Jan 5th 2014
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    Jan 5th 2014
    Mike C replied to saberhack's question:

    Back on the plan, confessions of a laps.

    I discovered the 4HB diet about 2 years ago and have definitely been off and on. On the whole, many of the strategies Tim suggests in the book have truly become embedded in my habits as a "li...

    Jan 5th 2014
    Mike C replied to Mark Scully's question:

    how many beans

    I would aim for less than a cup, and if your weight loss is stalling, perhaps cutting it down to half a cup per day. A cup of beans has about 40 g of carbs, and while the 4HB diet doesn't require...

    Jan 5th 2014
    Mike C replied to Anna Gabrielle's question:

    Cheat Day Scheduling

    If you've only been on the diet for 1 day, I'd suggest waiting until next weekend for your cheat day. The first week on this diet (or any other, for that matter) can be a little tough, depending ...

    Jan 4th 2014
    Mike C replied to mooreadamc's question:

    New to Slow Carb - Few questions

    The diet will keep you full if you follow it to the letter. The first few days, however, will be a period of adjustment and might be a little tougher if your body is used to eating a larger quant...

    Jan 4th 2014
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    30-day Six Pack Sprint: Day 1

    Take the 30-day Six Pack Challenge and join members jackedup and Yes as they race to get ripped six pack abs. They are both around ~16% body fat an...

    Jul 17th 2012
    Mike C asked a question:

    Member Intro: Hi everyone!

    I've really enjoyed this forum and thought it was time to join! I experienced some initial success with Tim's program, but "fell off the bandwagon" after a stressful period in my life. ...

    Jul 16th 2012