My 4HB Goal: Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.



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frankg813 asked a question:

Will P90X Exercise work for me?

I wonder if P90X is considered an acceptable form of exercise with respect to the 4HB. Any thoughts?

Feb 14th 2011
frankg813 asked a question:

Strict Diet

Is the slow carb diet a very strict diet? In other words, let's say that before my diet consisted of eating lots and lots of fruit. Now I've cut that down to 1 apple a day to compliment my eatin...

Feb 14th 2011
frankg813 asked a question:

Oatmeal & Apples

I am eating oatmeal in the morning, primarily to battle my high cholesterol. The 4 hour body does NOT mention oatmeal. If not allowed, one must balance the health advantages to that of losing we...

Feb 12th 2011