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Yes, I know they're a fruit and fruits are not allowed--I've read the book. My question is more about the protein bar and why is has dates in it if...

Apr 18th 2011
davidjulian asked a question:

Dates? (the fruit, not the social concept...)

I noticed in Tim's protein bar he created, one of the ingredients is dates. Are dates okay to have in snack bars like that, or is it just after a workout? Or just on cheat day?

Apr 14th 2011
davidjulian asked a question:

What to do with almond milk?

I bought some almond milk, thinking it would be great for this diet, which I believe it is (correct me if I'm wrong). My question is: what can I do with it? What are some good recipes with almond ...

Apr 8th 2011
davidjulian asked a question:

Ah... flatulence...!

Is anyone else experience a huge increase in farting, not just due to the beans (because I don't eat too too many of those) but the huge increase in protein intake? Is there any way around this? ...

Mar 31st 2011
davidjulian asked a question:

Okay everyone, I'm going to try this again!!

I tried the SCD about 2 months ago and lasted two weeks. The hardest part for me was sticking to the lifestyle in social situations or events with free food that crossed the line into the "ca...

Mar 30th 2011

Wait - maybe I read the book wrong, but I didn't think this was a ketosis-based diet with the slow carbs we do eat (beans, legumes, etc.).

Mar 30th 2011

My problem with taking my lunch with me to work is that regardless of how big a breakfast I eat, I always will consume my lunch before 11:00AM. The...

Mar 30th 2011
davidjulian asked a question:

Better to not eat, or eat something debatable?

Hi all, So, I have a question. Sometimes I don't plan that well for snacks and meals in advance, and I'm left at 3:30 or 4PM, hours after lunch, but before dinner, with needing a snack but nothin...

Mar 30th 2011
davidjulian asked a question:

Need to know if this is working... (Before and During Photos)

Hi everyone! So, I've been doing Slow-Carb for about 2 weeks now, so not long. But I need to know if this is working or not, from some impartial people like yourselves. Just to give some backgroun...

Feb 22nd 2011