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    Eric Isaac replied to Katherine C.'s question:

    What's the optimum protein/carb/fat ratio?

    here is roughly what my daily intake looks like on average and has looked like over the last year losing about 100lbs. This is rough because I do not measure. I adhere strictly to high sources of ...

    Aug 22nd 2013
    Eric Isaac commented on Fetske's reply:

    that's a lot of beer but, again, anything goes.

    Jul 9th 2013

    this forum really is great!

    Jun 22nd 2013

    I snack on seeds and nuts throughout the day. but not like crazy. I drink a ton of water, b/c hydration is important and water will fill you up wh...

    Jun 22nd 2013

    Last night, I grilled tofu and portobellos and made a nice asian slaw with red and napa cabbage, green onions, some carrots, and bean sprouts. The...

    Jun 22nd 2013

    Dinner is usually vegetarian as I am doing this with my girlfriend who is a vegetarian. But its usually something like roasted veggies especially ...

    Jun 22nd 2013

    Lunch I have a very large salad with greens, tomato, cucumber, onion, meat (chicken, turkey, tuna, bacon, etc), oil and vinegar of some sort, some...

    Jun 22nd 2013

    Food wise - mornings 1/2 cup lentils or beans, 3 eggs, spinach. I've been doing this literally every day for a year (estimated egg consumption ove...

    Jun 22nd 2013

    This is going to sound crazy but try not to exercise too much. I've started biking like crazy averaging about 40 miles a week. It hasn't affected ...

    Jun 22nd 2013

    My first word of advice is to stop trusting your scale - unless it's a medical scale, which is likely isn't. Mine told me I lost 5lbs overnight wh...

    Jun 22nd 2013
    Eric Isaac replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

    One year! Fit-aversary!

    Incredible man! so inspiring. You've done great!

    Jun 4th 2013

    no dairy and no bread on the scd. read the book...

    Apr 25th 2013
    Eric Isaac is doing a tutorial!

    Zero-carb Vanilla Cinnamon Pancakes

    This challenge will teach you how to make zero-carb pancakes for breakfast. These delicious pancakes taste close to real pancakes, just without the...

    Apr 4th 2013
    Eric Isaac shared a tip:

    Attn: 4 Hour People - 75lbs down!

    So I set myself a pretty reasonable goal of 100lbs in a year. I've been on the Slow carb diet now for 8 months, which if we are benchmarking here, puts me 1 month ahead of schedule to lose the las...

    Mar 9th 2013

    whole foods is leading an initiative to have everything in their store labeled by 2018. You can avoid GMO by buying organic or buying directly fro...

    Mar 9th 2013

    sorry i've just seen the message now. The answer is both. I've lost 75lbs now and my liver is showing, on recent ultrasound that the Fatty liver i...

    Mar 9th 2013
    Eric Isaac commented on ajm422's reply:

    I limit myself to 2 tbsp of peanut/almond butter per day and I love nut butters so much! I used to eat Pb&J all the time. But then I realized ...

    Mar 9th 2013
    Eric Isaac replied to Taina Fernandes Carvalho's question:

    Protein Shakes

    If you want to go the whole foods route, might I suggest these amazing lentil muffins which incorporate the three things that Tim mentions are best for breakfast in the morning. You can make them ...

    Mar 9th 2013
    Eric Isaac replied to ClaudiaM's question:

    How many grams of sugar are ok in a protein shake?

    Zero. I highly recommend Tera's Whey. It's sweetened with Stevia. Pretty cheap to buy on Amazon compared to a store.

    Mar 9th 2013
    Eric Isaac replied to sal sharma's question:

    feelin a big set back

    You can get tons of protein from the legumes (lentils and beans), if you are weary of soy. Tofu is not restricted, but it is discouraged, especially for women b/c of the high phytoestrogen conten...

    Nov 26th 2012

    I don't recommend rapeseed/canola oil as most sources are nearly all GMO now. And if you take it too its smoke point, it becomes carcinogenic Try ...

    Nov 26th 2012

    tvellalott - you can buy a huge thing of ghee on amazon for 15 bucks: You ...

    Nov 26th 2012
    Eric Isaac replied to MaryC's question:

    Breakfast is breaking my spirit! Help

    My girlfriend still has this problem, even after several months of being on the diet. Sometimes she eats the egg muffins I prepare ahead of time (you can view them here:

    Nov 26th 2012
    Eric Isaac replied to Luis Mejia's question:

    What do you eat if you can't make breakfast?

    My girlfriend never has time to cook in the morning so I came up with a egg muffin recipe which includes the 3 things tim says are best for breakfast in the morning: Eggs, Lentils, Spinach. You ca...

    Nov 26th 2012
    Eric Isaac replied to angelinazabrat's question:

    slow carb recipes PLEASE

    I have a food blog with several 4HB recipes and I'm adding more all the time. Also, are you allergic to Leeks? Good alternative to onions.

    Nov 26th 2012
    Eric Isaac replied to Susan Dowse's question:

    Food pictures

    There are posts on the 4HBSCD subreddit. Coincidentally, I blog a lot of my slow carb meals: - anything tagged 4HB.

    Nov 26th 2012
    Eric Isaac replied to ebacklund's question:

    Looking for portable meals

    This Egg Muffin recipe that I came up with is a nice portable snack. 10 grams per muffin and quite filling.

    Nov 26th 2012
    Eric Isaac replied to Mike25's question:

    Is coconut water ok to drink during the 6 days?

    If you love that stuff, you should try Harmless Harvest Coconut water - It's raw and the closest thing to drinking it straight from the coconut right off the tree on the beach. Unfortunatelty it n...

    Oct 13th 2012
    Eric Isaac replied to never_ever's question:

    Foods to avoid on Cheat Day?

    HFCS, GMO, and Trans fats. Aside from that go to town so much that it hurts and you don't do it as bad next time. Some of my worst cheat days yield some of my biggest losses.

    Oct 13th 2012
    Eric Isaac replied to Mriordan Enter last name's question:


    I highly, highly recommend getting additional testing done. The cost is marginal for getting more detailed information about your cholesterol as those basic numbers are essentially meaningless - 7...

    Oct 13th 2012

    I've been wanting to try this. I use Almond Flour for a lot of things, especially adding crunch to chicken. Def. going to pick up Garbanzo Bean Fl...

    Oct 13th 2012
    Eric Isaac replied to RumRunner's blog post:

    I need a taco seasoning recipe...

    a while back, i made this recipe for spicy lentil taco "meat". Of course, if you want to use ground beef, you can do that. But since us SCD are big on Lentils, this might be nice for you...

    Sep 9th 2012
    Eric Isaac replied to Michael Amidei's question:

    Peanut Butter???

    all natural, no sugar added peanut butter is just fine. Read the ingredients, it should contain peanuts only. Same with Almond Butter. Just try not to eat the whole jar and you should be ok. I usu...

    Sep 9th 2012
    Eric Isaac replied to Iain Phillips's question:

    15 days in, help!!

    Eat more eggs. Are you doing the Eggs, Lentils, Spinach thing in the morning? That should rev up your metabolism and get you moving in the day. Do you drink coffee or have any other caffeine sourc...

    Sep 8th 2012

    That show is so ridiculous. Ugh. I read recently that a first season contestant came out against the shows practices and has caused him some crazy...

    Sep 8th 2012
    Eric Isaac replied to Sheri Boles Sweeney's question:

    Limiting Legumes

    I eat about 1/2 cup of lentils for breakfast, typically. But I also have a few eggs, maybe some bacon. If you find that cutting the lentils is not curbing your appetite, up the fat and protein. My...

    Sep 8th 2012
    Eric Isaac replied to Katie Jester's question:

    Does it really matter if I eat fast or slow?

    Tim talks about this in the book. He said that, for him, eating too fast created higher blood sugar spikes than if he'd eaten it slower. I like what goodjoan says although I don't agree with putti...

    Sep 8th 2012
    Eric Isaac shared a tip:

    Updates, Tips & New Recipes

    Hello all, Last week I updated that I finally got on a scale and had lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks on the diet. I checked in again at the doctors office and I'm down 11 more pounds this week. This p...

    Sep 8th 2012
    Eric Isaac replied to Serkan Atila's question:

    Cold Showers!!

    I'm a fan of the cold shower myself. Especially in the mornings or after a workout. I do as Chris said, gradually turning to cold. I can do the coldest setting. Also I got myself a nice set Chatt...

    Aug 31st 2012
    Eric Isaac replied to grumplin's question:

    30 grams of protein ideas please

    My girlfriend was having a problem getting the protein in in the morning. She was doing protein shakes but they aren't so filling. I came up with a recipe that uses the Eggs, Lentils, Spinach idea...

    Aug 31st 2012

    Got a 1 qt mason jar and drank that along with my coffee. I documented the time that I drank and the urine color before and after. It took 3 quar...

    Aug 31st 2012

    I have to say water has been a lifesaver. It fills me up when I have cravings. But never feel like I get enough, using my urine color as a gauge....

    Aug 31st 2012

    I'm curious if you ladies are weighing yourself every day? I'm getting that impression. I measure on cheat days mornings. I write it down and if I...

    Aug 31st 2012

    If I can give you one piece of advice, from experience, its best not to look at the scale as the ultimate marker of your losses. My first 8 weeks,...

    Aug 31st 2012

    Thanks Minnesota. Working really hard! Good luck to you!

    Aug 31st 2012
    Eric Isaac shared a tip:

    Finally got on a scale - lost 30 pounds

    So I stepped on a luggage scale about 6 weeks ago at the airport. I weight 389 pounds. I saw a specialist for thyroid today and they finally had a scale that could weigh me. I've lost 30 pounds in...

    Aug 30th 2012