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Nicole Pape replied to Chris Platt's question:

hummus? bean substitute

I´m sorry, but no. Hummus is no bean substitute. As chick peas are on the moderate list.

May 2nd 2013
Nicole Pape commented on G G's reply:


Feb 28th 2013

It´s normal that you feel tired in the beginning. I felt very weak the first two weeks. I was out of breath after climbing the stairs... And now ...

Feb 26th 2013
Nicole Pape commented on G G's reply:

In the beginning it can also be withdrawal symptoms. You are used to another feeling, as well. As is said before, your mind waits for a sleepy fe...

Feb 26th 2013
Nicole Pape replied to Liz Allen's question:

Women - when did you implement exercise on this diet? I think I'm ready....Where to start?

I bought myself a heavier kettle bell. And, well, it´s a little bit too heavy so that I hardly ever use it... I go horse back riding 3 to 4 times a week (although the horse does most of the work....

Feb 21st 2013
Nicole Pape replied to Bugzy Chorky's question:

Frustrated... Not working?

Shouldn´t there be 4 hours between the meals? I would cut out the second lunch. You can have as much as you want during your first lunch! No calory counting! If you get hungry before dinner you h...

Feb 21st 2013
Nicole Pape replied to Katherine Hutten's question:

Same meals everyday?

You will be absolutely fine!

Feb 4th 2013
Nicole Pape replied to Travis Mitchell's question:

When did you become "Diet Confident?"

I got "diet confident" after about 5 months on the SCD. It just works. It feels good not having to think about the weight any more, except for, how good it feels not to have to worry abo...

Jan 29th 2013

Wow! It looks like an advertise.

Jan 29th 2013

Akane: I know what you are saying. I did let myself go during the christmas season and, at the moment, find it hard to stay away from sweets (addi...

Jan 23rd 2013
Nicole Pape replied to Luan Cronje's question:

Keeping weight off

I am on maintenance now since November and have a range of 2 ks. It works very well! I was down to 53 kg and my range goes up to 55 kg. Im at 54 kg. Im eating slow carb during the week (with s...

Jan 22nd 2013
Nicole Pape replied to Jordan Dinning's question:

I don't think it's working!

As is said before: take more measurements. You are probably losing fat and gaining muscles. You don´t have to do any excercise. Skip the almond milk and squash. Have your cheat days!!!

Jan 15th 2013
Jan 15th 2013
Nicole Pape replied to Timothy Chung's question:

How many calories approximately i should intake daily?

You are not supposed to count calories! You can eat until you are full. And it´s not "low" but "slow carb". You don´t reduce the amount of carbs: you eat slow moving carbs, t...

Jan 9th 2013
Nicole Pape replied to December Jones's question:


I love "szegediner goulash"! You take pork goulash, onions, peppers, saurkraut and some sour cream. Roast the pork goulash gently with some oil. Then add the onions, peppers and some wat...

Jan 8th 2013
Nicole Pape replied to Tiffany Thiessen's question:

First week breakfast question

My everyday breakfast: 2 eggs sunny side up, 3 slices of bacon (and sometimes beans)

Dec 19th 2012
Nicole Pape replied to Brittany Brown's question:

I reached my goal weight - now what?!

Congratulations on your goal! I reached my goal as well, and I have (mild) cheat-weekends instead of a cheat day. It works very well for me. I´m holding my weight and, occasionally, I have che...

Dec 10th 2012
Nicole Pape replied to Deborah Baldauf's question:

Hunger problems

Don´t forget to add beans and / or lentils to your meals every day. They make you stay full for a while (and they make happy, as well!). I was on a short holiday with my grandma, my sister and my...

Nov 28th 2012
Nov 28th 2012

I like "fake burger": I make hamburger patties, as well. Add anything you want (tomatoes, onions, roasted onions, salsa, mayonaise) exce...

Nov 27th 2012

And then: no snacking in between. You shouldn´t be hungry.

Nov 19th 2012

Write down what you usually eat. And don´t skip cheat day.

Nov 12th 2012

For more fat: how about bacon, spare ribs, etc. I use for example walnuts to increase the taste of brussels sprouts (or fresh green beans). I love...

Nov 11th 2012

Hey mary.cambellmaloney, low carb is not slow carb! You should eat carbs, but not the fast moving ones (e. g. pasta, potatoes, any kind of sugar, ...

Nov 10th 2012

Yes, Akane, it´s so amazing. In the beginning I thought that the weight might come back easily, but it just doesn´t! Hi Blair.bass.3956, well,...

Nov 9th 2012
Nicole Pape replied to MaryC's question:

Does any one out there hit their goal yet?

I´ve lost 8 kg (weighing now 54 kg or 118,8 lbs / 1,64 cm or 5 ft. 4,6 in.) and went from 34 % body fat to 20 %. Originally I only wanted to lose 4 kg, but it was so easy and I love the way I fee...

Nov 8th 2012
Nicole Pape asked a question:

Where do I find the chapter "The last mile" in the ebook?

Hey guys, I´ve got the german version of the ebook and can´t find the chapter about TLM. Is it embedded in other chapter? Or can you give me a hint, which contents come shortly before or after? ...

Oct 4th 2012
Oct 1st 2012
Nicole Pape replied to Wendy Maldonado's question:

Chicken fajitas.

In the beginning I always had scrambled eggs and now I´ve switched to sunny side up, as well. Yummy. And then, there are so many food-ideas developing over time. In the beginning I thought I cou...

Sep 28th 2012

And how about lentils? Does she like lentils? I mean in this case eating beans and / or lentils can be a life-saver. But, of course, it´s hard to...

Sep 27th 2012
Nicole Pape replied to saberhack's question:

Well the first real SCD challenge is on me.

In Germany you get nice places that serve steaks almost in every bigger city. Look for a "Maredo" restaurant. They have great steaks and a salad bar, where you can choose yourself. Or al...

Sep 27th 2012
Nicole Pape replied to Senshin's tip:

Five Months of Slow-Carbing (progress report)

Wow! Well done! You look great.

Sep 27th 2012
Nicole Pape replied to chasebald's question:

What's your weakness?

Me too. Sweets of all kind. Although I must say, it was more like a habit, now that I know, that I don´t need it and that it´s not tasting as good as before... But then christmas is coming soon...

Sep 26th 2012

I´ve read in another post, about blood sugar results after having whey protein, that it causes higher blood sugar. So it might stall the progress...

Sep 24th 2012
Nicole Pape replied to Wendy Maldonado's question:

Worst taste in my mouth.

I have that mostly in the mornings. And as you say, I get that as well shortly after cheat day. And, yes, you get into ketosis that fast, if you go strict on SCD after cheat day. @Akane: Ketosis ...

Sep 24th 2012

Absolutely stay with the beans! Otherwise you WILL be hungry all the time, I promise. I´ve had 3 days on a short holiday with my grandma and sist...

Sep 21st 2012

It´s not that expensive to raise chickens yourself. We have a shelter in our garden and an outside area they can use during the day. We bought 7 ...

Sep 21st 2012
Nicole Pape asked a question:

Maintenance mode with SCD

Hi everyone, I haven´t reached my target weight yet (3 Kg to go), but I am curious, what to eat then in order to not lose more weight. My boyfriend sometimes says: Well, we are not going to eat...

Sep 18th 2012

Good advice! I´ve had a cheat day on my birthday and we had around 12 birthday cakes. I was munching away the whole afternoon. I can only recomm...

Sep 17th 2012

Hey, you don´t really need to do any excercise. The SCD works without. So, if you don´t feel like excercising then don´t. Hope you are feeling ...

Sep 17th 2012

You can make your own pesto: with ruccola, basil, garlic cloves, salt, pepper and olive oil. You could also add a little bit of parmesan as it´s ...

Sep 14th 2012