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My 4HB Goal: Be healthy so I can keep up with my boys (ages 6 and 4).







    Want to chat?

    I'm sorry to see the lack of traffic here, at least compared to my first stint because I found it very helpful. I lost six pounds my first week, an...

    Sep 14th 2015
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Tim Martin's question:

    SCD Recipes

    The one I swore by the first time I did this was chicken and refried beans… I’d buy a rotisserie chicken at Sam’s for $4.99, shred all the chicken, put it in the skillet like y...

    Sep 8th 2015
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Kim Wriedt's question:

    Returning after 2 years off and need a hand

    Yeah, I’m in the identical situation… I lost 40+ pounds three years ago and it slowly, but surely came back… I maintained pretty well for about 18 months, but the last weight cam...

    Sep 8th 2015

    Most jerky has some sugar in it, but if you look hard enough you can find ones with much, much less than 12G of sugar. I know I've found ones with ...

    Apr 7th 2014
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Emma Chace's question:

    Experiments with cheese

    I try to avoid it, but I do put it on mexican food. I also eat string cheese from time to time for sheer convenience.

    Apr 7th 2014

    In the book, Tim said he usually has better luck with whole eggs vs. egg whites. I've had a similar experience.

    Nov 19th 2013

    I eat 5 or 6 each morning. I'm kind of in maintenance mode at this point, but will probably start doing it again soon. I've eaten eggs for breakfa...

    Nov 19th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Shane Howard's question:

    Only SCD folks could laugh and appreciate this!

    Funny stuff... If people eat as many eggs as I do, that device would have to be reset every 2-3 days. I eat about 40 eggs a week. I was hoping it was a tray that held 50+ eggs to save refrigerato...

    Nov 19th 2013

    For me, eggs have been the most important single food in the year plus that I've been on this diet.

    Sep 13th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Jay Patel's tip:

    3 hour cheat - experiment

    This is great advice. I started doing something like this unintentionally. I'd eat a regular SCD breakfast, have a cheat lunch and snack, but stop at like 4 p.m. and not eat dinner because I was...

    Sep 13th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Amelia Justice's question:

    Does this diet work on teens?

    When I first lost weight on this diet, a neighbor asked me how I did it and when I told him, he and his son (both over 300 pounds when they started) both started doing it. The father has lost 20...

    Sep 13th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Katherine C.'s question:

    What's with all the egg substitute?

    If you have high cholesterol, I could see going with the egg substitute over regular eggs, but I eat 5-6 eggs a day for breakfast and it's worked great for me for over a year.

    Sep 13th 2013
    Aug 16th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to G G's question:

    How many times do you hear this?

    I think Jay's answer really nails it. I tell people that I've tried the Atkins Diet, 17-day diet, Rice diet, Scarsdale Diet, as well as countless others with differing levels of success. As succe...

    Aug 16th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to R B's question:

    Did anybody try to eat more than 30gms of protein with their breakfast?

    They had stories all over the place the last week about people who lose more weight when they eat a huge breakfast and a light dinner. My oldest just started playing football which has me at pra...

    Aug 7th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Suzanne Roberts's question:

    SICK OF EGGS!!! Breakfast help?

    I am so glad I haven't gotten sick of eggs... I frequently have two meals of just fried eggs each day... I put buffalo sauce on them and it's great... I have found fried eggs easier to eat than ...

    Jul 22nd 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Dave Radomski's question:

    Egg Beaters vs. egg whites

    When I started this eating plan a year ago, I tried the egg whites for a couple weeks and lost less weight than when I was eating whole eggs. Eggs are kind of my go-to food. I have a griddle tha...

    Jul 12th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Siegfrid Tsang's question:

    No fat loss and irregular sleep

    I was lucky in that my first week on this diet, I lost eight pounds and felt energized the whole way, but anytime you're transitioning to a new way of eating your body is going to react to it. I...

    Jul 12th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Andrea Holloman's question:

    PAGG Stack

    About six months ago, I went to GNC and priced a lot of the items that it said to use in the book and it was expensive enough that I had to take a pass. I could afford it, but it just became hard ...

    Jul 12th 2013
    Jul 12th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to salvame's question:

    Slow Carb Diet Success !!!

    I think most of us has been at the point where we think we have this diet down and then the inevitable stalls arise... I'm not complaining. It's the best diet I've ever been on hands down, but I ...

    Jul 12th 2013

    Coffee definitely helps.

    Jul 1st 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson asked a question:

    What food is your secret weapon on the SCD?

    I just passed my year anniversary doing this. Even though I lost the bulk of my weight early on and have been in maintenance mode for the last several months, the fact of the matter is, it's a yea...

    Jul 1st 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Tomhole's question:

    Awesome cheat day: 5,997 calories

    I think I put on weight just reading that. I take it you like Donuts from Taylor's.

    Jul 1st 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Nicola Davison's question:

    Struggling with cheat day

    I have a hard time with breads on my cheat day. I can handle a hamburger bun or something like that, but if I have more than two pieces of bread (tortillas aren't as bad) I get sick. I had a day...

    Jun 19th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Lauren Featherstone's question:

    SCD for children?

    I can relate to not wanting non-approved foods in the house. I think your way around this is baby food. You have a one-year-old so they're probably eating that anyway and it's easy to mix it int...

    Jun 19th 2013
    Jun 19th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Lloyd Sherman's question:


    I can relate to this... I have to go out of my way to eat any vegetables at all. For me it either has to be in soups or raw and it's hard to eat raw veggies without ranch or something else to dip ...

    Jun 19th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Diana D's question:

    MUST Drink Gatorade, Doctor's Order... Help!

    Propel Zero might do the trick...

    May 28th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to wombat's question:

    Beans- how much? also Tim says they can be skipped?

    Beans are one of the staples that I've struggled with from the "Do we need it?" and "How much is too much?" standpoints... When I first started, I ate a can of pinto beans a da...

    May 20th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Emma Chace's question:

    Giving up artificial sweeteners

    You're definitely not crazy with the headaches... The two things I have the hardest time giving up when I'm doing this diet are diet soda and splenda and half and half in my coffee... I've gott...

    May 20th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Robin Vistnes's question:

    Not doing what I expected

    I'd be careful with the beans and the protein shake. I try to limit my beans to once a day, usually for an early lunch, because it keeps me full for most of the day... Most protein shakes are n...

    May 20th 2013

    This is the way I look at it. I started this thing almost 11 months ago, and I lost 45 pounds. I'm basically still at that point and I'm very happ...

    May 20th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Jenny L's question:

    HELP - cheat day becomes cheat days

    I've done more than my share of cheat weekends... Usually, it's as a result of either traveling or having social commitments where it's hard or awkward to stick to the diet. I did the diet as by ...

    May 19th 2013

    Beef and tuna tartare are both incredible. There's a tuna tartare recipe with avocado that is just to die for. If the really high-grade tuna wasn'...

    May 8th 2013

    Yeah, I'm a ketchup and BBQ sauce junkie. I eat a lot of burgers on the diet and it's just not the same without ketchup. I mix Frank's buffalo sau...

    May 8th 2013

    I lost 45 pounds the first four months... Then I stalled a bit and went into maintenance mode. I haven't gained anything during the last few month...

    May 8th 2013

    Yeah, I would go through stretches where I would be eating pretty well, but I would eat too much diet soda, ketchup, creamer with the coffee, etc....

    May 8th 2013

    I tried the egg white vs. whole eggs at one point, and I actually lost more weight while eating the whole eggs. Your diet is pretty impressive.

    May 8th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Ben2TheMax's question:

    How to be happy w/ this?

    I can definitely relate. When I started this last June, the weight poured off me... I lost 45 pounds in four months, and then, it just stopped. I kept doing the diet, but between vacations, holi...

    May 8th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Shane Howard's question:

    Thought you egg lovers would love this.

    That's pretty cool... As someone who prefers fried eggs to scrambled, that would be a great way to do it if you're cooking for a bunch of people... I use a skillet every morning and it's super q...

    May 8th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Merri's question:

    Skipping the Scale Today. How often do you check your weight?

    I do it every day. I wake up, go to the bathroom and I weigh myself. I think it's very important to keep track of your weight on a daily basis, as long as you know not to freak out over any and ...

    May 7th 2013

    They're probably 16 ounces. It's only slightly bigger than a regular coffee cup, since you don't see too many coffee mugs that are actually only e...

    Mar 4th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson asked a question:

    Coffee: My mini-experiment

    My background... I've been on this diet since June. I've done well, but have been in maintenance mode since the holidays... A few weeks ago, I decided to kick things into high gear again... The f...

    Mar 4th 2013
    Dylan Tomlinson replied to Joan Good's question:

    Winter slows?

    I'm in a similar spot. I've been doing this since the end of June and am down 45 pounds, but I haven't really lost anything since November. A lot of that is my fault and nobody else's. I had a t...

    Feb 12th 2013