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My 4HB Goal: To drop body fat to 12% while maintaining current muscle mass







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at the moment it's a 3 days split- upper body push, lower body, and upper body pull. 15-20 sets with a mixture of compound moves/functional moves.....

Sep 28th 2014
Sep 27th 2014

• How would you take this approach if your workouts were in the morning? • How are you splitting your macros? • I’d like to keep cheat day...

Sep 27th 2014

Thanks for taking the time with such a detailed and helpful answer! So just to clarify: • Are you suggesting not to worry about the post-workout ...

Sep 27th 2014

Do you think yoga on the other days would classify as 'strenuous exercise'?

Sep 20th 2014

Thanks for your response Jim :) Do you have those treats throughout the day or within a pretty close time period of your workout? Any other tip...

Sep 20th 2014
Serkan Atila commented on G G's reply:

Thanks for your response G G. The line of thinking was: -if there isn't enough food intake- the muscle will waste away and there isn't enough res...

Sep 20th 2014
Serkan Atila asked a question:

SCD & Maintaining Muscle

Hi All, I’ve recommited to the SCD but was wondering if I could get some insights from the community for this time around? To give you a bit of background: My first DEXA scan 3/7/2012 ...

Sep 18th 2014

thanks guys!

Mar 3rd 2014
Serkan Atila asked a question:

Using PAGG with other supplements

Hey Guys, Hoping I can gain some insights. Do you feel there is any harm in using multiple supplements along with PAGG. These would include: Protein BCAA's Acetyl Carnitine Fish Oil ZMA L Glut...

Mar 1st 2014

if you have a different version of the book, they should be in the 'adding muscle' sections

Nov 3rd 2012
Serkan Atila replied to Jenny L's question:

Ab and Posterior exercises

building the perfect posterior is on p 158-174 and abs exercises are on 174-181 = )

Nov 3rd 2012
Serkan Atila replied to Matthew Button's question:

Everyman 2 or 3

let us know if you find anything interesting on this topic? i'd love to do it, but can't find anything saying it would also be good for gym recovery..

Nov 1st 2012
Serkan Atila replied to Sober Monk's question:

Almond milk, fruit, and dark chocolate.

yeah i think stick to the normal rules of SCD, the consumption of spinach and almond butter should cover any crucial mineral deficiencies.. if you want to build muscle keep eating the same types o...

Oct 29th 2012

so in order to get to 12% i would need to lose 1kg of fat. I've now started the strong lifts 5x5 method of lifting, and will be paying more attent...

Oct 23rd 2012

Thanks Jim, My main reasons for asking were in relation to my own results over the last 2 months with DEXA scans in August as well as October.. ...

Oct 23rd 2012
Serkan Atila asked a question:

SCD+Exercise+Simple Sugars

Hey, Has anyone incorporated the SCD with the ingestion of simple sugars after workouts? If so, did this affect your fat loss?

Oct 22nd 2012
Serkan Atila replied to Phil Stanley's question:

Need to lose body fat rather than weight?

I would suggest doing the day of fasting the day before the cheat day as opposed to the day after I would also suggest giving the cold showers/ice baths a go

Sep 30th 2012
Serkan Atila replied to Orenthal's question:

Taking PAGG at the right time

so what would you say are the ideal times for it?

Sep 21st 2012
Serkan Atila replied to Jdelga's question:

Eggs in the Morning.

i agree with the dangers, don't copy what Rocky did you can either cook your eggs in bulk in advance, have some tuna which doesn't require cooking, reheat left overs from dinner or worst case s...

Sep 11th 2012

thanks for that : ) - i recall it being mentioned, perhaps someone's case study but i dont recall it being a strict rule - i eat at all sorts of h...

Sep 2nd 2012

i would, but i only have a shower at home...

Sep 2nd 2012

i believe it is straight after the SCD chapters you should read all the chapters in relation to the goal you're trying to achieve : )

Sep 1st 2012
Serkan Atila commented on A W's reply:

for me common sense would dictate that it does help fat loss as your body has to use up so much energy just to warm back up agreed about feeling...

Sep 1st 2012

it certainly makes my aussie winter/not quite there yet spring interesting

Sep 1st 2012

i take a stopwatch in and do it how it's described in the book 2 min hot water, soap hair and face turn to coldest setting, wash hair and face ...

Sep 1st 2012

Hi Would you be able to say where it says that in the book? Only reason i ask is because that wasn't what i interpreted from what i've read so fa...

Aug 31st 2012
Serkan Atila asked a question:

Cold Showers!!

Hi all, After initially wussing out of the cold showers within seconds under the water, i managed to stay under there for 6 minutes which has made me really excited at the possibility of being a...

Aug 30th 2012

when i got my dexa scan done, the physiologist who was familiar with the SCD recommended that i MAKE SURE to get at least 1800-2100 calories a day...

Aug 30th 2012

might give this a go as chocolate has many benefits = )

Aug 29th 2012
Serkan Atila replied to Nancy Fairchild's question:

cacao nibs!!!

so are you saying this is scd compliant?

Aug 29th 2012
Serkan Atila replied to Katie Jester's question:

Do you absolutely HAVE to eat 3 meals a day?

I would say it's okay providing you are eating enough (this will depend on your goals) with those 2 meals and as long as you keep your hydration up. You want to avoid: 1) entering starvation m...

Aug 28th 2012
Serkan Atila replied to adamclark's tip:

5 Tips for doing the 4 Hour Body

thanks heaps for that! i couldn't resist with this but am i the only one that adam reminds of Seth Rogen?

Aug 28th 2012
Serkan Atila replied to Nader Tohamy's blog post:

Update after Ramadan!

great job on the blog, i was following it daily! ramadan worked out well for me, while my aim was to minimise and harm as my body does not react very well to fasting, i managed to put on half a ...

Aug 23rd 2012

oh and i was also doing 48 hour cheat days this past month..

Aug 23rd 2012

thanks for that! it was interesting as well as puzzling while I was sitting next to my body-building-freak-mate with my results telling me that ...

Aug 23rd 2012
Serkan Atila asked a question:

Building muscle/losing fat

Hey, Does anyone know if it is possible to put on muscle and and lose fat at the same time? I know the immediate answer would be no, but my dexa scan results have revealed that I have done that...

Aug 21st 2012
Serkan Atila replied to Nader Tohamy's blog post:

Follow up after having 2 cheat days in Ramadan!

hehe good stuff! I managed to put on a kg (2.2 pounds) each cheat day this week Nearly lost it all a day after though :p

Aug 14th 2012
Serkan Atila replied to Alex Joseph's question:

Reasoning for no post-workout carbs?

as far as i'm aware you should have carbs as your post-workout meal ill be adding this in as i begin my weight training in the next couple of weeks and will let you know how it goes ill be add...

Aug 10th 2012

i recommend getting a dexa scan, it is quick, easy and the money spent is well worth taking out all the guess work if you want i can email you a ...

Aug 8th 2012
Serkan Atila asked a question:

Carbs after weight training

Hey Guys, I'm planning on doing strength training in the gym 3 times a week in addition to my BJJ twice a week.. How many grams of carbs would you say are required after training? I plan to d...

Aug 6th 2012

cheat days are really turning into a chore for me haha i might cut back to once every 9 or 10 days

Aug 5th 2012