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My 4HB Goal: To lose 30 pounds. And to take my shirt off at the beach for the first time in my life. Starting date: June 25th, 2012 Starting Weight: 207 lbs





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wow i was messing up so badly. i am halfway through week 2 and i was having sweet potato every day, corn every other day... ugh. this list is a re...

Jul 4th 2012
Jun 29th 2012

thanks holly!

Jun 29th 2012

thanks guys!

Jun 29th 2012

you're right, i think the splash of cream is just a mental thing. it would just appear to be more delicious. i just truly miss my iced coffee with...

Jun 29th 2012
Miguel Camacho blogged:

Off to a good start; Still confused

I started my the 4 hour body diet this Monday, June 26th. Honestly lots of the rules for this diet are stuff I normally did in my regular life weekday life (lots of beef and veggies for me, i dont...

Jun 28th 2012

is it really that simple?? this has been my biggest problem with this diet. my friends and i like to do happy hours at least every other week and ...

Jun 27th 2012
Miguel Camacho replied to shrinkingleon's blog post:

My 2-Year Journey on the Four-Hour Body

so happy for you man. congratulations!

Jun 26th 2012