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John_Yeti commented on VinceG's reply:

Yeah, i've been measuring as well. No movement, just fluxuation.

Mar 29th 2011


Mar 27th 2011
John_Yeti commented on Shery's reply:

Everytime i ask a question here or I see other questions asked, the immediate response is "you're probably taking in too much sodium" or "you're pr...

Mar 27th 2011
John_Yeti asked a question:

still on a plateau

So, i'm bummed. It's been at least a month and a half with no positive results. I'm actually up 1 lb since i started. Not sure why it isn't working, i mean it does make sense, but was just curious...

Mar 27th 2011

Since i'm following the protein/legume/veggie plan, I can't see a whole lot of sodium in my diet being the problem. No weights involved for me,...

Mar 14th 2011
John_Yeti asked a question:

weight gain all of a sudden?

Has anyone all of a sudden gained weight in the middle of the week, even though the rest of the week you were slowly losing? This last week, from Monday through Friday, I went down 6 lbs. Then, a...

Mar 13th 2011

why avoid Caffeine?

Mar 10th 2011
John_Yeti commented on cruey's reply:

Most hard cheeses have little to no lactose. If the cheese has 0 grams of sugar, then how can lactose be an issue?

Mar 10th 2011
John_Yeti asked a question:

Hard cheeses

Most hard cheeses have 0 Sugar. They are also packed with protein. Any ideas if this would be suitable for the SCD? 1oz. of the hard cheese I have is 80 cal, no sugar/carbs & 8 grams of protei...

Mar 10th 2011
John_Yeti asked a question:

Do people start the lcd without reading the book?

Why are there so many questions asked that are clearly answered in the book? I always see people asking if wheat bread is okay or if sweet potatos are okay? I understand there are areas that are...

Feb 22nd 2011