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DMW commented on brianggilbert's reply:

Try tabata intervals. 20 seconds of all out effort and 10 seconds of rest for 6-8 cycles....

Apr 14th 2011
DMW commented on Tyler Reichelt's reply:

you shouldn't be using much of your back either if you're keeping your spine neutral and not arching your back. Be careful as you could hurt yourse...

Apr 14th 2011
DMW commented on KimCo's reply:

your legs should be doing most of the work. Your arms should just be ropes connected to the KB but the thrust of your hips should be doing the bulk...

Apr 14th 2011
DMW commented on CHBody's reply:

what about this?

Mar 21st 2011
DMW asked a question:

Can I move my cheat day around?

Let's say that my normal cheat day is Saturday, but I know that I'm going to go to a party on Thursday and I'd prefer to "spend" my cheat day then. Can I do that?

Feb 11th 2011
DMW asked a question:

Is it mandatory to have a meal that includes protein, legumes and veggies?

Do I need to have each of these in every meal? I can't tell if it is a required part of the diet or not.

Feb 9th 2011