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j elisabeth asked a question:

Yummy new way to have whey protein shake

I wanted to share my discovery from this morning. I get sick of eggs if I eat them every morning, so I alternate every other morning, and then I do the unsweetened whey protein shake on my days w...

Feb 27th 2011
j elisabeth asked a question:

Quick breakfast for those with a sweet tooth!

I got a little sick of eggs, so this is my new favorite breakfast. One cup of cottage cheese has 28 grams of protein! I put 3 drops of NuNaturals liquid stevia in to sweeten it. I use stevia ve...

Feb 12th 2011
j elisabeth asked a question:

Just a reminder for the ladies...

Don't weigh yourself right before or during your period! I made this mistake today, and it felt frustrating that I had basically followed the eating plan all week, and the weight on the scale was...

Feb 12th 2011