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Agent.Luv replied to reverendken's question:

Over with SCD

Revken, I wanted to thank you for quoting Gary Taubes in that other thread where we were discussing calories-in/calories-out a few weeks ago. I just bought today and read--cover to cover in 1 sitt...

May 28th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to Dominique Martin's question:

Alternative to beans and lentils?

You could just skip them, up your protein intake, and up your intake of veg. True, then you are not technically slow-carbing as much as low-carbing, but it will still work for fairly rapid weight ...

May 20th 2011

Wow. Thanks for posting. So you're only eating beans one meal per day, and you are only eating 3 meals per day. Those are the two main variances fr...

May 16th 2011

yep. that is what i would do. and if you have added a ton of veg, and you are still getting hungry, then it's time to start adding beans. in my opi...

May 16th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to jintianwobuaini's question:

feeling sick after meals

I would suggest focusing on eating the right amounts of protein per meal in low-volume format. 6 oz of chicken breast (which is like 2/3 of a normal sized chicken breast) has 32 g of protein and t...

May 15th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to truth's question:

Update on my SCD

23 pounds in 9 weeks is amazing. I have not ever been able to get this eating plan to work that quickly. I am at 27 pounds lost (and 3 sizes lost) in 17 weeks. I am actually really interested i...

May 15th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to JohnnyB's question:


Will you be eating out while you're traveling? You could always get a veggie and egg white omelet with one whole egg at any breakfast-y kind of place. It will likely be hard to find the beans, th...

May 15th 2011

I forgot about roasted eggplant! Excellent idea!

May 13th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to BDMom's question:

Eggplant - okay on SCD?

I think eggplant is allowed. The one thing I would say is that it is a sponge for oil, though, so be careful how you cook it, or you could end up consuming a lot more oil than intended. You can st...

May 13th 2011
Agent.Luv commented on justin's reply:

Thanks, Justin, for the tip about doing IF before vs. after cheat day. Noted.

May 11th 2011

So revken, do you think that it's possible to eat at or above maintenance calories, and still lose weight/fat? That has not been my personal experi...

May 11th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to heartinga's question:

Yet another stall

I want to lend support to katyslaughter's answer. If you do track your intake, and you find that you are eating at or near maintenance calories for your height/weight/activity level, there is your...

May 11th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to s joshua's question:

My strategy for defeating cheat day gains ASAP

This is awesome. I came up with a similar strategy of semi-fasting on the day following cheat day, definitely no breakfast, lots of coffee, lots of water, flush it out!! It's validating to see tha...

May 11th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to droid1's question:

Moo Shoo Beef?

It is very likely to have added sugars in the sauce. If you make it yourself, you can eliminate the added sugar. That being said, it's not the worst choice in the world. The 4HB book talks about ...

May 10th 2011
Agent.Luv commented on cajeta jg's profile:

Glad to be a help! Best of luck to you :)

May 9th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to Katyslaughter's question:

You think you ate alot, listen to this!

Damn, people! You are really bleeding cheat day for all it's worth! Impressive! Saturday for me was: delicious peet's coffee with half and half (oh how i miss thee, half and half) bagel with crea...

May 9th 2011
May 6th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to shane's question:

TMI Alert! Caffeine vs Constipation

Thanks for posting this. I don't know where I "learned" the following, but I have had the idea for a while that twice as much water mitigates the effect of a diuretic beverage. So if you...

May 6th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to Lucky1e's question:

Beginner questions

Definitely read the book, then search Tim's blog and this forum for ideas and answers to more specific questions.

May 6th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to AprilK27's question:

Stomach upset

Though it sounds strange to say it, I think eating to the point of discomfort on cheat day has a psychological purpose: it keeps you on the straight and narrow until next cheat day. When I have ea...

May 5th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to eclaire's question:

Smoked Salmon

There are brands of smoked salmon that don't have the added sugar.

May 5th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to juliegitmo's question:

New to beans,lentils....Question

In addition to the other good responses above, I would say: there is nothing to be scared about. The overarching principle of 4 Hour Body is self-experimentation. So, try the slow carb diet for a ...

May 5th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to groovechampion's question:

A Juicy Pork Tenderloin Recipe

This sounds tasty! One thing I do with pork tenderloin is just to slice off 3 or 4 thin medallions, and quickly pan fry them. The little medallions cook in about 1-2 minutes per side. I season wi...

May 5th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to Maria Rider's question:

Asking those who need to lose more than 100 lbs and have been successful...

Dear Akane, I have more than 100 lbs to lose, depending on how you want to look at it. I have been doing SCD since Jan 1, 2011 and have just crossed the 25-pounds-lost mark. That's 25 pounds in 1...

May 3rd 2011
Agent.Luv replied to lauraareson's question:

Lactaid cottage cheese

I haven't used Lactaid cottage cheese, but Friendship brand 4% California style is a regular part of my diet. It is a great source of protein, and has not slowed my progress at all. You don't need...

Apr 28th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to CammyRamone's question:

Minor cheat in the middle of the week - scared of stunting progress

I suspect that the Friday night early start to cheat day and the Tuesday chocolate "incident" probably are all related to the timing of your period. Cravings during the PMS timeframe and...

Apr 27th 2011

The added sugars that we have to assume are not having a negative effect on Tim's diet goals may still be having a negative effect for you. I would...

Apr 27th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to neatfreakgeek's question:

Sugar free Fudgesicles?

Definitely no. Sorry. Milk is the first ingredient. Jello is allowed because it's not dairy, and then it is really only an "emergency only" food, for when you are dying for something swe...

Apr 26th 2011

wow thanks for posting this pate recipe. i had been thinking about pate recently, but always thought it was too high in fat. this seems great, and ...

Apr 26th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to swagger's question:

Cheat Week?

I know that Lyle McDonald at talks about something similar to a "cheat week." However, he is not talking about a true "anything goes" situation. In his...

Apr 26th 2011

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

Apr 26th 2011

Great! Glad you sorted it out.

Apr 26th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to Pixelpusher's question:

"easing" into the SCD program?

Echoing what everyone else has said, it's actually really important to jump in with both feet. That's the only way your blood sugar will regulate. Caffeine helps with sugar withdrawal. Good luck!

Apr 25th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to freshcitrus's question:

Lack Of Progress after at least 5 weeks

I don't see anything glaringly non-slow-carb about what you are eating. The only comments I have about your food choices are 1. add vegetables (spinach is a great one) to breakfast. Make sure the...

Apr 25th 2011

I totally related to the emotional/psychological issues. No diet/eating plan/behavior mod will work in the long term until enough of the emotional ...

Apr 25th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to MGiron's question:

Carb, Protein, Fat ratio

The weeks I have lost the most, my percentages were around 30% carb, 30% fat, 40% protein. I remember asking this question when I was beginning as well. Hope this info helps.

Apr 25th 2011

I buy them frozen.

Apr 20th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to salvame's question:

Finally found a DEXA scan & Bod Pod in NYC.

Hey -- would you mind posting the specific location of the DEXA scan in NYC?

Apr 20th 2011
Agent.Luv asked a question:

Do vegetables taste sweet to anyone else?

I eat a mixture of broccoli and cauliflower at almost every meal, completely plain, or perhaps with a bit of salt. They taste EXTREMELY sweet to me now. Has anyone else noticed this?

Apr 20th 2011
Agent.Luv asked a question:

Homemade "Refried" Beans

cooked pinto beans some water lemon juice onion powder salt whiz all of this up in your food processor adding water until desired consistency is reached. After I'm done cooking whatever meat/egg...

Apr 20th 2011

I can't speak to Tim's motivation for including dates in a protein bar, except to hazard a guess that not all people who are going to want to eat a...

Apr 18th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to davidjulian's question:

Dates? (the fruit, not the social concept...)

Dates are a fruit, and fruit is not allowed on slow carb except for on cheat day. I can only speak for the slow carb fat loss side of things.

Apr 17th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to TheLoverly's question:

Slow Carb Breakfast Indigestion

Are you drinking a lot of ice water upon waking? I find that the "cushion" of lots of water in my stomach helps to avoid (or dilute) an acid attack. I have seen many people mention hear...

Apr 17th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to ED-BX's question:

Example Menu that works

Usually it's easier if you post 2-3 days of your meals and timings, and then folks can look at it and offer pointers. Alternatively, if you search through this site you will see many posts with l...

Apr 17th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to GabyYYZ's question:

Minimally effective dose on cheat day?

I think the simplest way to do this would be to do a cheat meal instead of a cheat day.

Apr 17th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to jravenb's question:

Can I use chicken broth for cooking?

Also, look for chicken broth that doesn't have added sugar, honey or corn syrup in the ingredient list. Or better, make your own. It tastes better and you know what's in it exactly.

Apr 17th 2011
Agent.Luv replied to NeoFight's question:

6 week picture update

Fabulous progress! Congratulations!

Apr 16th 2011