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My 4HB Goal: I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. Start Weight 231 9 June 2012 210 by 1 Sep 2012 *reached* 190 by 1 Nov 2012







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    saberhack commented on Tomhole's reply:

    Thank you all

    Jan 6th 2014
    saberhack asked a question:

    Back on the plan, confessions of a laps.

    Hi all, Well over the Christmas break my wife and I took off 2 weeks and now it is time to re-launch the program, over this last 2 week I have managed to go from 190 to 212.2 (as of 4 Jan 2014),...

    Jan 4th 2014
    saberhack replied to Lauran Opie's question:



    Sep 28th 2013
    saberhack asked a question:

    Happy cheat day!

    Hello all! And a happy cheat day to you! Weight was 190.5, I am still bouncing around 190as I have been for the last 6 months. but I am still not going up so I win! Breakfast was homemade waffle...

    Aug 24th 2013
    saberhack replied to Tomhole's question:

    I am not afraid!

    17 Aug 2013, Breakfast 2 peaches Lunch 1 med pizza, w/ extra Italian sausage, onions, green peppers and mushrooms. 8 breaded chicken wings 3 Beer Shiner Bock Dinner last 2 slices of pizza chee...

    Aug 18th 2013
    saberhack replied to densa56's question:

    I'm afraid!

    Nope, you have done awesome and you derive a Cooke for the good work, so eat the cookie!

    Aug 18th 2013
    saberhack replied to Samantha Lamers's question:

    Slow Carb Help!!!

    Bring pogie bait.

    Jul 8th 2013
    saberhack replied to G G's question:
    Jul 5th 2013
    saberhack replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

    One year! Fit-aversary!

    Out fucking standing! I am proud for you and of you! My own 1 year journey is on the 9th of June.

    Jun 4th 2013
    saberhack replied to Josh's question:

    Lettuce wraps. It's so simple, yet I just thought of it yesterday...

    use it for tacos, the Koreans use it for different meals also.

    May 16th 2013
    saberhack replied to Travis Mitchell's question:

    Getting made fun of because of your diet?

    They did at first, but 2 things happened I lost 75+ pounds in a year and I am mean. After getting comments handed back to them with interest and then me under weighing them, most come and ask me ...

    May 12th 2013

    I prefer the Carolina styles better than the others out there.

    May 8th 2013
    saberhack replied to Trenaty Wright's question:

    bbq sauce junkie Sugar free Mustard sauce

    May 8th 2013
    saberhack replied to wombat's question:

    Pagg and Cheat day timing?

    I take the day off before the cheat day, that is my fast day also so it is nothing but breakfast and water for me after that.

    May 7th 2013
    saberhack replied to Patrick Ernst's question:

    Sauerkraut cold?

    Right from the fridge Bavarian style is awesome!

    Apr 30th 2013
    saberhack replied to kvm's question:

    Intermittent fasting and scd

    On Friday before my cheat day and weigh in I do an fast, I have breakfast and then have nothing but water the rest of the day, I do this so I am not full for the weigh in tape on Saturdays. This ...

    Apr 29th 2013
    saberhack replied to Suzanne Roberts's question:

    How to prepare fish?

    My wife was not a fish lover either and for most of them she still hates it. I have gotten her in to the habit of eating Salmon once a week and enjoying it. 1) wash salmon 2) light olive oil rub...

    Apr 19th 2013
    saberhack asked a question:

    Rice cooker for beans and indian food.

    OK so i have seen that you can cook beans in a rice steamer cooker thing. have any of you all tried this, next week is buy the cooker and then goof around whit it and see how this will improve my...

    Mar 17th 2013
    saberhack asked a question:

    Happy binge day!

    Hello all! weigh in was 190 no change form last 3 weeks. but it is still bing day, today I am in Seattle Tacoma area, so to Seattle I go. to Pikes market, and the first 5 bucks...ermm sorry star...

    Mar 16th 2013
    Mar 16th 2013
    Dec 20th 2012

    It was just an here is a cool thing. My main breakfast is 3 eggs scrambles, with assorted veggies thrown in (diced tomatoes, onions garlic and spi...

    Dec 20th 2012
    saberhack asked a question:

    Intersting food idea

    The link is to Lifehacker (the guys that introduced me to Tim and 4HB) This is a breakfast idea, half an avocado and an egg baked in it.

    Dec 19th 2012

    PAGG brands bought at Vitamin shoppe Policosanol 20 mg, -sugar, -starch, -salt, vegetarian Alpha-Lipoic Acid 100mg, -sugar,-salt, -soy (and a bunc...

    Dec 2nd 2012
    saberhack asked a question:

    Happy binge day!

    Hello all, after a long 3 week plateau at 195, I have broken through this week! 193 even -2.6 pounds! My wife and I had not started the PAGG until we hit the plateau, and started it this week. ...

    Dec 1st 2012
    saberhack commented on Mike P's reply:

    Cheese cake, English toffee, vanilla coke, fried potatoes

    Nov 27th 2012
    saberhack replied to sal sharma's question:

    please help.. eggs !!

    Relax, we are here to help eggs are broken down in to 3 parts, 1) Shell (bad to eat) 2) yoke, the yellow stuff (good to eat) 3) White, the clear slimy stuff (god to eat) shoot for 3-4 eggs, or...

    Nov 26th 2012
    saberhack replied to Susan Dowse's question:

    Food pictures

    Sabers Food Porn

    Nov 25th 2012
    saberhack asked a question:

    Your holiday's plan

    Hi all, The holiday's are on us what is your plan for beating them. mine is Thanksgiving - Move cheat day to Thursday, weight and tape in the AM. Christmas - We are going to my family's for ...

    Nov 12th 2012
    saberhack replied to sidewalkkittie's question:

    Withdrawal Symptoms?

    Have you been eating your beans? that is the one thing that helped me the most.

    Nov 7th 2012

    So far since June fine, 231 to 195, at today's weigh in.

    Nov 3rd 2012
    saberhack asked a question:

    Happy cheat day!

    Hello all! Once again that joyous day is with us where the dieters go wild! Today's location is Fayetteville, NC Breakfast is IHOP Chicken fried steak Hashbrownsx2 3 egg fried Pancakes and Or...

    Nov 3rd 2012
    saberhack replied to UB40's question:

    My first week and only 2lbs down :( Pics

    You lost weigh you won! Next week you lose more weight you win again!

    Oct 30th 2012
    saberhack asked a question:

    happy cheat day!

    hello all, today's cheat day is air travel until after noon so no food until i get home for weigh and tape. but the food starts croissants along with cheese and apple Danish dinner is fried sea...

    Oct 27th 2012

    Hoo happy day, so I started off with Bree cheese and a roll (brochen??) buttery croissant, lunch was Brochen and sausage, and dinner was Pork tend...

    Sep 29th 2012

    That was my fall back!

    Sep 27th 2012

    Thank you all I did find a restaurant that I can stick with the plan, it is a greek place. But come Saturday, it is over for the bread and spotzel...

    Sep 27th 2012
    saberhack asked a question:

    Well the first real SCD challenge is on me.

    Hello all, It has finally happened to me, I am in that horrible situation where I must be strong, for the next 4 weeks I am in Germany, and I can not store food here (in a hotel, and according to...

    Sep 26th 2012
    saberhack asked a question:

    Happy Cheat day!

    Last week weigh in 205.8 This week 200.6 Total -5.2 pounds OK so today's cheat day involves, food! Breakfast Homemade pancakes, with crunchy Jiff peanut butter, and maple syrup, OJ and sausage ...

    Sep 22nd 2012

    Hoo yea!

    Aug 26th 2012

    thank you

    Aug 26th 2012
    saberhack asked a question:

    First weight goal reached!

    Woot!! Today's weigh in 209.4, I was aiming for 210 by 1 SEP 2012. History Started 9 June 231.4 - 209.4 25 Aug 2012.

    Aug 26th 2012
    saberhack replied to Merry Popkins's blog post:

    Day One ... wish me luck !!!!!!!!!!

    This is to easy. you got this shit!

    Aug 21st 2012
    saberhack replied to Arelleth's blog post:

    Surviving a Rough Patch

    You did well, keep up the good work! I myself fell off the wagon yesterday, the day after my binge day, and i looked at a can of beans and mixed veggies, and went to Applebee's for a burger the is...

    Aug 21st 2012
    saberhack replied to Dylan Tomlinson's question:

    What can we put on hamburgers?

    Saber's breakfast burger egg and salsa

    Aug 21st 2012
    saberhack commented on Tomhole's reply:

    Mon, Wed, Fri, light weights - Kettle Bell in the AM 0500hrs Insanity work out between 1600 and 1800 hrs. I drink a lot of water through out the ...

    Jul 6th 2012
    saberhack asked a question:

    Post work out recover drink

    Hi all, I was wondering if there was an approved SCD post workout recovery drink, or a recipe that you all use.

    Jul 5th 2012