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filipn commented on Dale's reply:

Same with me. Thanks!

Feb 27th 2011
filipn asked a question:

How much do you gain after cheat day?

Hi, yesterday it was my third cheat day. I had a high protein breakfast first, but then: sweets, sugar cola, steak with a mountain of french fries, pasta. I also had some stronger alcohol in the e...

Feb 27th 2011

4 kg in 3 weeks and similar observations. Adding more weight and reps to kettlebell swings this week.

Feb 25th 2011
filipn commented on desert fox's reply:

I was max 1kg up, and lost it in 2 days. (on the second day after cheat day the weight was lower than the day before the cheat day).

Feb 25th 2011
filipn commented on 4hourfencer's reply:

This is what I think as well. It's more psychological tool and also don't-let-metabolism-slow-down tool than anything else. Anyway, should I ref...

Feb 25th 2011
filipn commented on toddkh's reply:

Thank both of you guys! I went throught the book again and this is my new training plan: Mondays: 75 swings (moving from 12kg to 18 kg and then 2...

Feb 24th 2011
filipn asked a question:

Kettlebell swing twice a week and feel like need more

Hi, I've been on the SCD for almost 3 weeks doing KB swings on Mondays and Fridays. I do 75 reps without breaks with a 12 kg. I am male 170cm/70kg Does it make sense to do more? Does it help or wo...

Feb 22nd 2011
filipn asked a question:

Slow-Carb Cookbook

Hi Everyone, have you been using this cookbook? I just downloaded it and wanted to share with. The recipes look yummy! This is a free ebook by Tim Ferriss. I was not aware of it and found it goog...

Feb 4th 2011