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blueorchid replied to Ruby's question:

Medication vs pro-biotic problem

i'm assuming you're taking some anti-biotic. that wipes out all bacteria, good or bad. so you want to selectively replace the good GI flora to prevent possible complications like candida (yeast) i...

Jul 13th 2011
blueorchid replied to brad kopping's question:

Slow carb diet? Do i REALLY need carbs? Parents...aurghhh!

you won't get kidney failure unless you're eating massive amounts of protein for a very long time and not drinking enough water. you don't technically need grains for carbs, but if you weren't die...

Jun 27th 2011
blueorchid is doing my tutorial!

Go Beyond the Kettlebell Swing

So you read the book, got the kettlebell, and did the swing over a thousand times by now. As fun as it is, it's probably about time you expanded yo...

Jun 22nd 2011
blueorchid replied to a question I'm following

Best weight lifting exercises without a gym

check out zusanna does just about everything with body weight and at home.

Feb 20th 2011
blueorchid asked a question:

shirataki noodles?

Anybody try shirataki noodles on the slow carb diet? They are Japanese flour-less noodles with almost no calories and mostly water and fiber content.

Feb 20th 2011
blueorchid replied to a question I'm following

Slow Carb Diet: Are Tomatos allowed?

Tim says yes, BUT he says no fructose in the diet... but tomatoes (and avocados to a lesser extent) have fructose!! so doesn't that just defy the no fructose theory??!!! You can look up fructose c...

Feb 20th 2011