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Nov 1st 2012
Blaze asked a question:

Slow carb bible?

I was on this site a while back and saw a link to a website that was like a "Slow carb bible" in that you could type in any food (rice, whey etc) intro a search field and it would instan...

Nov 1st 2012
Blaze commented on kcsportsdoc's reply:

Excellent, I appreciate the feedback.

Jun 7th 2011
Blaze asked a question:

Can u do kettle bell swings 2 days in a row?

If Kettle bells swings primarily use the lower body and are a cardio workout, I'm wondering if you need a recovery day or if you can do them say 4 or 5 days a week. Any thoughts?

Jun 3rd 2011
Blaze asked a question:

Thinking of throwing in the towel on the SCD

Hi All, I've been on the SCD for about 2 months and haven't lost any weight or anything to speak of in terms of mid section measurements. I've followed the diet very dillegently, not perfect, but...

Apr 15th 2011
Blaze asked a question:

Is Lupini ok as a bean choice?

I love Lupini and it comes in a jar with some salt added so it tastes great cold and is portable. Does anyone know if Tim mentions whether Lupini fits for the SCD? Thx

Mar 15th 2011
Blaze asked a question:

Are Kidney beans ok on the SCD?

I like the option of eating raw kidney beans as they're easily portable but I noticed that 1 cup of canned kidney beans has 14 grams of sugar. I don't see anywhere in the book where Tim mentions k...

Feb 25th 2011
Blaze asked a question:

What happens -after- Occam's?

I just stopped Occam’s protocol/ feeding after 4 weeks as I had way too much fat gain around my mid section. Id like to still continue using the weight lifting principles but with the slow carb ...

Feb 5th 2011
Blaze asked a question:

Portable beans? Other Carbs on SCD?

Are beans the only real source of carbs on the SCD? If so, I'm wondering how to get enough carbs when I'm hiking all day, travelling etc. Is there a bean drink or "bean bar" or other ide...

Feb 4th 2011