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My 4HB Goal: My goal is plain and simple. Lean muscle mass gain with strength increases in the big three (deadlift, bench, squat). More specifically around 25lbs of muscle mass while still maintaining sub 10% body-fat.







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JoshRoss commented on JoshRoss's reply:

Well, luckily I live within one mile of the medical district. I go to LabCorp and specifically ask for Testosterone, Free and Weakly Bound, With T...

Jul 5th 2012
JoshRoss replied to Tomhole's question:

Cholesterol data (attn: Jake)

I agree with everything Jake said in regards to dietary changes that effect LDL/HDL levels. I just wanted to add my two cents and some changes I've experienced. When most people think about choles...

Jul 5th 2012
JoshRoss replied to Sam Theman's question:

Yerba mate, everyday, or just cheat days?

I would also agree that yerbe mate would be beneficial as an every day beverage. It has a proven effect on lipids and LDL/HDL levels. The only thing I would be wary about is a correlation found be...

Jul 5th 2012
JoshRoss asked a question:

Anyone experiment with D-Aspartic Acid?

I constantly follow the current trends in sports supplementation and one product has been all over the forums and magazines these days. Its the amino acid in the D-isomer. The reason why there has...

Jul 2nd 2012
JoshRoss replied to koolsome's question:

Seems to be plateuing on Occam's Protocol - weight increase

In the world of powerlifting there is a very popular method known as the Conjugate Method. Sometimes when you increase your working weight constantly the main muscle groups can have Central Nervou...

Jul 2nd 2012
JoshRoss replied to Hannah Wood's blog post:

First weigh in :)))

I wouldn't worry too much about people telling you you are thin enough. Only you know what will make you happy. If you want to lose more weight go for it! The last couple pounds are often the hard...

Jul 2nd 2012
JoshRoss replied to Sean Reid's question:

Occam's Protocol Pull Down Question

Lat pull downs are very important for scapula flexibility and back width. If the exercise is too easy for you I don't think that would be an indicator of you doing something wrong unless you have ...

Jul 2nd 2012
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Remember to take into account what you are mixing your shakes with as well. If you are using milk (even skim milk) you can add another 8 grams of ...

Jun 20th 2012
JoshRoss replied to fredthomas's question:

Confused about Glutamine

You were correct. Tim was implying that you consume 80 grams of Glutamine a day for the first five days. This is what is typically called a "loading period" in the bodybuilding and fitne...

Jun 19th 2012
JoshRoss replied to jesusgarciafarfan's blog post:

going on the slow carb diet workout advice needed

I would highly recommend that you don't attempt a low carbohydrate (or even a slow carbohydrate) diet while exercising using the extreme plyometrics you described here. The reason why the slow car...

Jun 19th 2012
JoshRoss replied to GillisJP's question:

Fat loss spot treatment with Celluthin??

I personally haven't used the product but upon reading your question I spent half an hour researching it. I looked at the product website, a review site and a consumer health site for comparison. ...

Jun 19th 2012
JoshRoss commented on JoshRoss's reply:

I personally use Muscle Milk because its vitamin infused and contains the minerals magnesium and zinc which raise testosterone levels. I only hesi...

Jun 19th 2012
JoshRoss replied to Tomhole's question:

AM Protein data

I have to agree with you on this! The common consensus is that a protein shake is a protein shake. That couldn't be more false. Besides the type of protein used (casein, whey, whey isolate, soy) t...

Jun 18th 2012
JoshRoss replied to Robin's question:

Glutes and triceps

Hey Robin, When building the Triceps muscles it helps to remember that there are three very different muscles contained within. To target the different muscles a variety of hand grips are usuall...

Jun 18th 2012
JoshRoss replied to Miriam Madry's question:

Maintaining Hydration While Fasting for Ramadan

I am very familiar with Ramadan. I spent 14 months in Baghdad and I made a lot of friends who are practicing Muslims. I remember giving our interpreters advice because they were worried about bein...

Jun 18th 2012
JoshRoss replied to Swyinjy's question:

Leg press too until failure?

The Leg Press is tricky when it comes to forced reps and complete failures. Its designed in such a way that its virtually impossible for someone to spot you since the movement track is on an angle...

Jun 17th 2012
JoshRoss replied to Mriordan Enter last name's question:

Peppermint extract

I would be inclined to say yes as long as there is no added sweetener. Peppermint extract can also relax the lower esophagus and cause some heartburn because of acid reflux. As long as your not d...

Jun 17th 2012
JoshRoss replied to lepidecko's question:

tendon damage on occam?

One problem with gaining muscle mass/strength fast is that is take a long time for tendon strength and overall joint strength to catch up. An easy recommendation would be to take glucosamine/chond...

Jun 17th 2012
JoshRoss replied to Billy4HourBody's question:

Sore after workout A of Occam's Protocol. What to do?

Also, remember that soreness isn't necessarily a good indicator of healing time. Delayed Muscle Soreness (DMS) can effect some people many days after a complete failure exercise. Let your lifts be...

Jun 17th 2012
JoshRoss replied to rpalarea's question:

Tell me this is working for most of you...

Hey rpalarea, I know exactly what you mean! I am coming from 11+ years of lifting 3-4 times a week minimum for 1-2 hours a workout. I have Gnawing doubts in my subconscious at times wanting me to...

Jun 17th 2012
JoshRoss replied to sirspiffy's question:

Modifying Occam's Slightly, Double Check my Logic please

I also agree that squats can be detrimental if performed incorrectly but I'd hate for you to count them out because of poor form. With proper form squats are a superhuman building move and one of ...

Jun 17th 2012
JoshRoss blogged:

Long time trainer and fitness addict.

Lets see, where to begin? I have been lifting weights for a little over 11 years now with no more than a few months break here and there (Basic Training for example). I'm 27 years old, I prescribe...

Jun 17th 2012