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My 4HB Goal: People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.







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Canadian commented on Minnesota's reply:

Hey Minnesota, do you think there can be benefit from taking it for longer? I've had crappy bowels and intermittent diarrhea for years. It seems t...

May 11th 2013

Hey Tillyander, what did you mean by the latest update? Is that a blog post, or an update the book, etc.

Apr 15th 2013
Canadian asked a question:

sore neck on occams

I've been doing occams, and made good progress: about six pounds of muscle in a month, and 25-67% gains on my lifts. I ran into a problem with the supinated shoulder pull down. I got up to 165 ...

May 3rd 2011
Canadian commented on shane's reply:

Thanks for the answers. I guess I could have been clearer on the 1st question: I meant, should we be aiming to fail on the 7th or the 8th rep, wh...

Apr 2nd 2011
Canadian asked a question:

Occam's - set starting weight too heavy

I started Occam's two days ago. I made sure to take a week off from the gym and do all of the other things I was supposed to. But I made a mistake in calculating the starting weight for the sh...

Apr 2nd 2011