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seoulfully asked a question:

big good week

So after my mini-binge week, had a great week (except a total fall off the wagon moment at 930pm the night before my cheat day). But woke the next day and did measurements and weigh-in and got bi...

Apr 4th 2011
seoulfully commented on ask's reply:

Keep at it! I did, and while my weight loss has slowed, I do see reduction in total inches. And the weight comes off, maybe less per week than I'd ...

Mar 20th 2011
seoulfully commented on shane's reply:

black beans can derail fat loss? aren't they a pretty big part of SC? I'm killing cans of the stuff like there's no tomorrow.

Mar 13th 2011
seoulfully asked a question:

almost officially in stall mode...

So weight has been pretty static for about 3-4 weeks now (some fluctuations, but talking less than a pound per week type deal). And changes in total inches creeping down. And this week I was more ...

Feb 25th 2011
seoulfully asked a question:

50 lbs kettlebell

Is no joke. Going to have to drop down a weight. 75 reps with this bad boy would take forever

Feb 24th 2011
seoulfully asked a question:

Let the tweaking begin

Feel like I'm really stalling out. I think it's because of the fats I'm eating and small amounts of sugar in random foods. So time to start tweaks to see where I can improve. Also might switch out...

Feb 17th 2011
seoulfully asked a question:

Mental cheat day

So 6 weeks in, I find myself looking forward to cheat days less and less. I still have random pangs of "I want XYZ on my cheat day," but I find that 10 minutes into XYZ, I'm over it and ...

Feb 13th 2011
seoulfully asked a question:

Going to be a bad week

A little bit of not wanting to be on the scale this weekend. So far this week, I've only had a single meal I prepared and given a ridiculously busy week at work, ate my morning protein within 30 m...

Feb 11th 2011
seoulfully asked a question:

What are quick, easy and cheap sources of protein?

I was under the impression, very mistakenly, that 1 whole egg was closer to 10g of protein for some reason, hence my 3 hard boiled eggs breakfast. Just looked it up and it's closer to 6-7g. That m...

Feb 5th 2011
seoulfully asked a question:

Wish me luck: kettlebells

Starting kettlebells this weekend. Still undecided whether to buy a kettlebell or go the T-bar route. I'm just coming off a rotator cuff injury, but I think it's time to get into it.

Feb 5th 2011
seoulfully asked a question:

Weighing/measuring food?

How strict is everyone with weighing/measure food for portions? I'm just sort of eyeballing it (e.g. dumping a bunch of spinach in a bowl, pouring on beans, tossing some protein on it, and a bit ...

Feb 2nd 2011