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edgar asked a question:

Is Whole Wheat Pasta Ok for SCD/OP Diet?

I've been on the OP diet for over 6 weeks and gained about 18lbs then I switched to SCD losing 8-9lbs fairly quickly (3 weeks). The reason was that I gained a lot of FAT during the Occam's Feeding...

Mar 23rd 2011
edgar replied to a question I'm following

Myopic crunch with BOSU is it that easy or I did something wrong?

Hey Greg, It says in the book that once you can complete 10 myopic crunches, you should begin adding weights the next time you do it. I started doing them with one 10lb dumbbell and now I'm usin...

Feb 7th 2011
edgar replied to a question I'm following

Occam's Prescriptions 5/5 cadence too slow?

To answer your question...let's use the shoulder press as a visual example. As I am lifting and counting my cadence, once I hit the top at 5 mississippi, I start counting the next 5 seconds going...

Feb 2nd 2011