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My 4HB Goal: In my 3rd year of Slow Carb now! In my first year, I lost 70 lbs and hit my goal, without relying on exercise or being hungry. My second year was focused on maintaining my weight, which I did! Year three is focused on adding some musc......







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Jeff Slostad replied to Erin Dunn's question:

Modified Slow Carb

I try to limit my cheat days to mostly just mid-day, starting maybe with a donut as I am getting ready to head out, then lunch with all the things that sound good that I have avoided all week. If...

Jun 6th 2014
Jeff Slostad replied to Madison Perry's question:

Starting 4HB tomorrow, want to start working out too. Help!

If you are trying to lose fat, exercise is not necessary, and for many of us, it actually makes it much harder to lose fat. In my first year on the Slow Carb Diet, I lost 70 pounds without exerci...

Jun 3rd 2013
Jeff Slostad asked a question:

Any other "super tasters" on SCD?

It is a terrible name for a less than pleasant "mutation" that about 25% of the population has to varying degrees. It really seems to be just having 10 to 100 times more taste buds, whi...

Jun 27th 2012
Jeff Slostad replied to jplang11's question:

How to fit Chipotle in this diet?

In the last 2 months, I have eaten Chipotle for lunch at least 3 times a week, and I have lost 25 pounds. I order a salad bowl, which basically replaces the rice with a bed of lettuce. I then ge...

Jun 20th 2012
Jeff Slostad replied to herdand's question:

Anyone have a view on baked beans - good or bad?

I would love to find a good source of a few of those items that wasn't full of sugar. Not saying they all are, or that there are not any viable alternatives, but Baked Beans, Ketchup, and pretty ...

Jun 18th 2012
Jeff Slostad replied to Nader Tohamy's question:

Need to re-arrange schedule, help!

I have been adjusting my cheat day to coordinate with travel and social events, or to give me an extra day on rough weeks where I wasn't happy with my progress. For example, last week I was on tr...

Jun 11th 2012
Jeff Slostad blogged:

This has really worked for me!

Finishing my second month on SCD and loving it. Down 25 pounds so far without exercise, but I will probably add that in soon. I have found that the hardest part about SCD is traveling, but I hav...

Jun 11th 2012