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My 4HB Goal: My goal is to reach a size 34 and weight 200lbs. Right now i'm at 251.2!







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    May 31st 2013
    Nader Tohamy commented on G G's reply:

    Here in Canada I have found an SCD friendly cheese. I can get it from Highland Farms or Whole Foods and is Gluten and Dairy free, and hasn't messe...

    May 31st 2013

    Hey Steve! The first couple of days were brutal as this was my first Ramadan on SCD and I was experimenting. After the first week I figured out if...

    May 31st 2013

    If I lived in Quebec it'd be a huge deal without having maple syrup anything, even the maple butter there is ridiculous! Even poutine is best serv...

    Dec 26th 2012
    Nader Tohamy replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

    7 Month Report!

    Awesome progress!! Keep up the good work Juan! Glad to hear you're getting better too!

    Dec 22nd 2012
    Nader Tohamy blogged:

    Long awaited update!

    Hey everyone! Did y'all miss me? Sorry for my long hiatus, it's just been a real busy last couple of months (maybe even 4 months since I last gave an update)! Anyways! Since starting the diet ...

    Dec 22nd 2012
    Nader Tohamy replied to Maria Rider's blog post:

    Week 4 Maintenance - WOO NEW SCALE! :)

    Way to go Maria, glad to see you're still keeping it all off! I've disappeared for a while but i'm still monitoring from a far! I will post my progress soon enough! But congrats again on your con...

    Oct 1st 2012

    In our culture, pickles are really important to any meal. I've experimented with pickled lemons, eggplants, and the banana peppers. Didn't seem to...

    Oct 1st 2012

    I just tried it... epic fail lol. It didn't rice as high or as nice as the guy's did and the when I cut into it, it was this ugly green colour. It...

    Sep 8th 2012
    Nader Tohamy replied to Steven Gray's question:

    Fat Bread?

    I'm going to make this tonight, and make myself a tuna salad sandwich tomorrow for lunch and see how it goes!

    Sep 7th 2012
    Nader Tohamy commented on A W's reply:

    Yep I second that, coffee and tea (black) are both on the ok and as much as you can list

    Sep 3rd 2012
    Nader Tohamy replied to Nik Krohn's question:

    Too much Refried Beans??

    Try to keep your legumes content to 1 cup per day. If you have a small scoop of refried beans with every meal that can be enough. Or all of them in one shot should be ok. I normally have all my be...

    Sep 3rd 2012
    Nader Tohamy replied to Francisco Bento's question:

    Is this recipe Ok? Brazilian Feijoada

    It's ok to mash up the beans. I have butter beans with cauliflower and a little butter to get my veggies and beans some days all in one shot Sounds good to me! I'd check the sausages though to ma...

    Sep 3rd 2012
    Nader Tohamy replied to Maria Rider's blog post:

    Week 72 results - GOAL REACHED!! YEAH BABY! YEAH!! BOOM!

    Congrats on your achievement Maria! It's been a long time!! Keep it up, and hopefully you'll get to your fat % soon! Get a DEXA scan done! They're AWESOME. I just did it last week and will post up...

    Sep 2nd 2012
    Nader Tohamy replied to Caren Jackson's question:

    Need some support and starting over

    Hey Caren! I'm sorry to hear about your situation, but let me know tell you, that you shouldn't feel so bad about the cycle you're in. I've been on the SCD now for 3 and a half months, and my wif...

    Sep 1st 2012
    Nader Tohamy replied to Maria Rider's blog post:

    Akane's Before/After Pictures :)

    Way to go on your progress Maria! Looking good!

    Sep 1st 2012
    Aug 31st 2012

    I haven't read the whole book, so I guess I must have not read that part yet! Yes i'm able to drink lots of water, and no i'm not snacking at all....

    Aug 31st 2012
    Nader Tohamy asked a question:

    Eating late?

    So my schedule has been pretty ridiculous the last couple of days, forcing me to have inconsistent meal timings. For example since I sleep pretty late (around 2-3AM) I end up waking up around 11,...

    Aug 30th 2012
    Nader Tohamy blogged:

    Weekly update

    Here we go for all of you who've been following me throughout Ramadan, and want to track my progress after!

    Aug 29th 2012
    Nader Tohamy replied to saberhack's question:

    First weight goal reached!

    Great Progress!! We started around the same time, I started on June 11th, except my starting weight was around 253. Today i'm at 219.4, and I feel great! Keep up the good work and hopefully we can...

    Aug 26th 2012
    Nader Tohamy replied to Maria Rider's blog post:

    Week 71 Results - YAY Finally back!!

    Great work Akane! Keep on shedding those pounds and inches! I'm sure next week you'll be back below your lowest weight!

    Aug 26th 2012
    Nader Tohamy replied to Katie Jester's question:

    Can anyone give a list of veggies that are allowed?

    Hey there! If you go to you'll get a good guideline of what's allowed and what's not. Although they say cucumbers isn't allowed which is riddiculous, I have cucumbe...

    Aug 22nd 2012

    Thank you! Honestly the first couple of days were hard, then after that it just felt good! Now I feel weird just by drinking water during the day!...

    Aug 22nd 2012
    Nader Tohamy blogged:

    Update after Ramadan!

    Hey Everyone! I just updated my blog to reflect the changes I underwent throughout Ramadan. Thank you all for your support, and for your answers to my questions, and with a little experimenting ...

    Aug 22nd 2012

    I put on 4lbs myself when all was said and done, we'll see today how much I lose (if any) at all lol. I'm hoping it's just water weight. Although ...

    Aug 14th 2012
    Nader Tohamy replied to Litfuel's question:

    anyone doing intermittent fasting with scd? Results?

    Technically i'm doing IF (but inverted) since i'm fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. If you'd like, i've documented the progress thus far since the beginning of the month at http://slowcarb...

    Aug 14th 2012
    Nader Tohamy replied to Celeste Cherry's question:

    Supplement help

    Hey! Congrats on your progress. I usually take a multivitamin once a day (since it's a once a day type) along with the PAGG stack. Hopefully that helps!

    Aug 13th 2012

    Cauliflower rice allows me to eat most of my Egyptian cooking since again bread and rice are huge staples of the cuisine! Like Tim said, take any ...

    Aug 13th 2012
    Nader Tohamy blogged:

    Follow up after having 2 cheat days in Ramadan!

    One week later before cheat days again! Results:

    Aug 12th 2012
    Nader Tohamy replied to Mohamed Hammad's question:

    What is wrong ! Dropping Body Fat while not changing on scale!

    Hey Mohamed! Congratulations on all of your progress!! I'm glad to see a fellow Egyptian is following my lead and getting with the program! I'm going to tell you what i've been told on numerous ...

    Aug 9th 2012

    I know you've heard this all before but congrats on your progress! You are truly an inspiration to all of us!

    Aug 9th 2012

    Wow I never really heard of it until now, even though it states it in the book. I guess it's worth it once in a while to get it done

    Aug 8th 2012
    Nader Tohamy replied to Stephen Bidgood's question:

    Huge milestone for me! (Didn't see this happening)

    Hey there congrats on your progress!! I hope to be below the 200 mark some day, I believe I can! I can't remember the last time I weighed in below 200 (sometimes I feel maybe at birth I did, and t...

    Aug 8th 2012