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km2011 asked a question:

Confused about PAAG vs. Tim's previous recommendations for supplements

I was looking back through Tim's original blog post on the slow carb diet/geek to freak, and came across his original supplement recommendation. Here it is (this is from the blog here: http://www...

Feb 1st 2011
km2011 asked a question:

Feeling sick on allicin/garlic supplements - do they all taste this bad?

Taking allicin - the smell is overwhelming and the taste in my mouth afterwards is just revolting. The supplement I am taking says it is odor-controlled. Obviously they are lying. Here's the lin...

Feb 1st 2011
km2011 asked a question:

This is the first day

Starting today. I'll post pictures/stats etc. later, but this is the *real* first day for me - after doing a week trial run before Christmas. I took AGG before having breakfast (two eggs, lentil...

Feb 1st 2011