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Plasmian asked a question:

Would consuming a little bit of sugar or bread while on slow carb diet have a cascading negative effect on the overall diet?

I'm trying to gain muscle mass and I'm averaging about 1 lb/week of muscle, but my question is, does having a teaspoon of sugar with my daily coffee or little bit of bread ruin the advantages of s...

Mar 19th 2011
Plasmian commented on ChrisM's reply:

Thanks Chris for your response, it's funny because I started incorporating high fiber whole grain bread from today myself! And for the same reason...

Feb 28th 2011
Plasmian asked a question:

Will the slow carb weight off, stay off?

My weight was stable at 170lbs, lets see I lose 10 lbs after being on the slow carb diet in 30 days. If I went back to my old diet (some white carbs etc.) would I gain the lost weight back? Comm...

Feb 11th 2011
Plasmian asked a question:

Is organic Peanut butter allowed in slow-carb or Occam's protocol?

I love peanut butter! I understand 1 TB of almond butter is allowed, what about peanut butter?

Feb 3rd 2011
Plasmian asked a question:

Difference between low and slow carb diets?

This may be a silly question, but I was wondering why does Tim call it "slow-carb" diet as opposed to conventional "low-carb" diet?

Feb 3rd 2011