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My 4HB Goal: Gonna get thin!







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MKrick commented on imghtbewrng's reply:

Thanks! I'm down to 260 now after switching to a ketogenic diet. Intermittent Fasting is covered in the "Living Forever" chapter of th...

Mar 3rd 2013
MKrick commented on eighdrose's reply:

Sure, I put a link to my blog in my original post, there you can find a contact form to reach me.

Aug 19th 2011
MKrick commented on julirama723's reply:

For the first 6 months I just did kettlebells 2-3 times a week. 2 months ago I started walking a lot, I try to walk 5k every morning now.

Aug 16th 2011

First few weeks were great, the weight-loss was pretty much diet alone. I went on PAGG, picked up a 25 lb bell & Enter the Kettlebell on DVD ...

Jul 12th 2011
MKrick commented on Christian's reply:

It varies, I'm always switching it up. Sometimes I'm doing 18/6, this last week when I was trying to reach my goal I went with 22/2. I wake up, ...

Jul 12th 2011
MKrick commented on pdx4hbHolly's reply:

Thanks pdxhollym, I've sent a tweet out, There's a good chapter in the book on IF in the Living Forever section. Basically, you ...

Jul 12th 2011
MKrick asked a question:

100 lbs in 208 days.

This is more of a Before/During than Before/After cuz I'm nowhere near finished! Starting Weight 12/15/10 - 429 Todays Weight 07/10/11 - 328.8 I have 4HB to thank for it. Lots of kettlebells, w...

Jul 11th 2011
Jun 22nd 2011
MKrick replied to MGiron's question:

Is almond milk allowed on 4HB diet?

Almond milk is not real milk, does not come from animals or contain any lactose.

Jun 22nd 2011
Jun 20th 2011