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@drewfis, Yes i am still reading the book! My spinich in the morning is cooked, more fiber is consumed during my later meals during the day, i eat...

Jan 31st 2013
Helen Lau asked a question:

Always hungry. Switching over from IF to SCD

Hi all, I am new to the 4HB community I am totally fascinated with all the information and self-experimentation going on here! Some basics about me. I am an Asian female, at 160cm weighting in at ...

Jan 31st 2013
tammankit blogged:


I'm Micheal and I'm only a grade 10 student and I find out I don't have enough time to do the things I like and I would like to try this new method to improve my life.

Apr 13th 2012
dicesix replied to ViljarSaare's question:

Should I eat less calories than my body needs?

1. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Right now it still seems to be working for you right? At some point when you have gained more muscle that might change, and then you might have to tweak your die...

Mar 16th 2012
dicesix asked a question:

Alternative probiotic drink on cheat day: Yakult?

Kombucha is not easy to come by in Hong Kong. But Yakult is available at every corner. The main probiotic strain is L. Casei Shirota which Tim Ferris also mentions in the cheat day chapter. Since ...

Mar 15th 2012
dicesix commented on dicesix's reply:

And why does a normal smiley get converted into a fast carb ramen eating monkey?

Mar 15th 2012
dicesix commented on dicesix's reply:

Is this going to be a battle of links? Seems the author is affiliated with a coconut oil brand though.

Mar 15th 2012
dicesix replied to Cathieely Enter last name's question:

protein shake

Ok, depends what you want to "achieve" with the shake. If it's for recovery and rebuilding muscle protein, a normal SCD meal right after the workout should be fine. Found that even a tbs...

Mar 15th 2012
dicesix replied to A.Moore's question:

Coconut oil?

Coconut Oil: Good Or Bad?

Mar 15th 2012
dicesix commented on Sam Green's reply:

Must admit though that I am having shakes on days where I have workouts before breakfast as I want to stay within the 30-60 minute after waking ti...

Mar 15th 2012
Mar 15th 2012
dicesix replied to Rano_pano's question:

Marathon Training on SCD.

Congrats on deciding to go for your first marathon. I am still tweaking my SCD to see if I can incorporate it in my trail running. My trail runs used to be anything from 10-25 k and at a fairly ...

Mar 14th 2012
dicesix replied to gibble's question:

4 weeks and no weight loss

Agree with everyone else except for steva. Would leave it out. This is what I would try: - cut the processed meat you are having for brekkie: Usually they are full high in sodum (water retentio...

Mar 14th 2012
dicesix commented on Member's reply:

Think TheGru is on to someting. 1500kcal is what I used to have on my "normal diet day" when I was not working out. I am 5"2 used t...

Mar 14th 2012
dicesix blogged:

A Fitnessnerd in Hong Kong

Evolution: well-fed not so content bookworm did the couch potato to 5k program and she unearthed something resembling sportiness in all that pudgy matter. Moved on to 10k and decided it was time f...

Mar 14th 2012
elephant.irrelevant blogged:

29yo guy, experimenting with 4HB.

I'm a 29yo guy, 5'7, pretty athletic, with weight fluctuating between 58kg (after a severe bout of malaria) and 72kg (after serious training during senior year of college). Pretty athletic, like l...

Mar 6th 2012
elephant.irrelevant asked a question:

Results - 4 weeks of slowcarb then 5 weeks of G2F

Hi All, I read Tim's book about 3 months ago, cover to cover and was fascinated by it, and resolved to try both Slowcarb and Geek2Freak and see what effect they had on my body. Basically I had ...

Mar 6th 2012
EDTKO commented on yarnphreak's reply:

I also switched from tins to freshly cooked beans. Not only it is more economical, it is less sodium and I personally find it tastier than tinned ...

Feb 21st 2012
EDTKO replied to NoJoke's question:

Bathroom Problems!

Thanks to those who advised on the Calcium/Magnesium supplement. So far it has been 2 days in a row that I have taken 1x 525mg of the above right b4 bedtime and was able to go the very next day. ...

Feb 17th 2012
EDTKO commented on FamousDrew's reply:

I too agree that owning AND reading the book is VERY important. However, wouldn't the world be monotonous and extremely competitive IF we all lea...

Feb 17th 2012
EDTKO blogged:

Member intro: EDTKO

Started 4HB last July... lost many inches but not that many pounds in terms of weight. Took a break since Jan12 and now decided to pick up again with incorporating IF. Find this site mega informa...

Feb 16th 2012
EDTKO replied to FloridaMike's question:

Over 40, 4 -6 week for SCD to Kick In?

Hi Mike... SCD did not take 4-6 weeks to kick in for this 47yo Chinese male. It started working for me from the 4th day in the 1st week.

Feb 16th 2012
andy leshark replied to YouKnowMe's question:

A little awkward, but..

A few years ago I read a book called the "Tao of Sexology" which while having some really weird ideas in it, also has some super stuff. It talks at length about "injaculation" ...

Aug 25th 2011
Peter K. commented on jp11300's reply:

One thing unclear to me and related to the question above: I do not change any of my food intake, is it sufficient to just do GOMAD/LOMAD or somet...

Jul 8th 2011
Jul 8th 2011
Peter K. commented on dfm143's reply:

Thanks dfm143 - good answer!

Jul 8th 2011
Jul 8th 2011
Peter K. asked a question:

G2F - How many rounds?

Hello all - great forum, good reads and nice to see many people prosper along the way. I am one day into Geek to Freak and one litre of milk - one thing which is not clear to me yet is how many ...

May 31st 2011
isharon asked a question:

Anyone feel dehydrated?

I'm into my 4th week of the 4HB Slow-carb diet and for some reason I've been waking up with a particularly dry mouth over the past couple of days. Also, yesterday and today, I've been feeling dehy...

Mar 30th 2011