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ggg_garo asked a question:

Treat during non cheat days

Hey all!! Do you ever treat your self with something during the non cheat days? I sometimes eat a small block of chocolate or some cheese. I dont think its that bad as long as you dont start ea...

Jun 22nd 2012

thanks! I will keep trying...

Jun 18th 2012

i think loosing 10-20 pounds would be ok for my belly to disappear.. maybe i should do more excercise?

Jun 18th 2012

I have excess fat and I can see it... i will post a photo above..

Jun 18th 2012

Ow and my weight and height is 189,60 pounds and 6,10 feet

Jun 17th 2012

i just saw your results btw wow!!! congrats!!

Jun 17th 2012
ggg_garo commented on Tomhole's reply:

what kind of protein shake do you drink?

Jun 17th 2012

Wow thanks for the answer! Well, I don't really measure my food, sometimes I have other kinds of meat for dinner/lunch and I think its enough, nex...

Jun 17th 2012
ggg_garo asked a question:

disappointing results?? you tell me

So I've been on the slow carb diet for 56 days now, with the exception of one week off the schedule I've been following it really strictly plus I've been going to the gym 3 times per week. I have...

Jun 17th 2012
ggg_garo asked a question:

Why do we need 30g of protein in each meal?

I was just wondering why is it so important to consume 30g of protein in each meal and why is breakfast so important? Is this only to stop the cravings till the next meal or does it have to do wi...

May 4th 2012
ggg_garo commented on Charley's reply:

hah love these answers, simple but helpful...

May 3rd 2012

i am trying to... i also take photos every time.. let me ask you something more, what is your opinion in getting 30g of protein in every meal? is...

May 3rd 2012

really? thats few, but still I think that I lost that amount of weight because my scale actually shows different numbers each time and I do 3 read...

May 3rd 2012

I weight 198 pounds and I am 1,88 meters height. I do have a lot of noticeable fat at my belly...

May 3rd 2012
ggg_garo asked a question:

When did you see results?

So its my 2nd week now that I'm on the diet, and I haven't really lost any weight from the last time i measured (14 days ago) I only lost 0.5 inches from my waist and my total loss in inches is 1....

May 3rd 2012

i really liked your ideas thanks! i will try to make something similar..

Apr 25th 2012
ggg_garo asked a question:

Breakfast problem.. suggestions please!!

Hi! I've been on the slow carb diet for one week and some days now, I think I really like it.. the only problem I have is that I cant eat beans first thing in the morning, its really hard for me...

Apr 24th 2012
ggg_garo commented on elquent's reply:

I'm limiting my gym days to 3, I think this will work.. thanx elquent! Efharisto!

Apr 24th 2012
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Apr 24th 2012
ggg_garo asked a question:

Gym regime

Hi people, So I have read the 4 hour body and I found it really interesting, the only thing that is not clear to me is the kind of exercise one should do to loose fat. I am currently going to th...

Apr 17th 2012
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Apr 17th 2012
ggg_garo blogged:

Member intro: ggg_george

Hi I am from Greece and i am really interested in the 4 hour body book and diet.

Apr 17th 2012
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Fat Loss Resistance Training: Session 1 of 3

This challenge is a weekly fat-loss training plan which consists of 3 fat-cutting resistance training routines that target different muscle groups ...

Apr 17th 2012
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Apr 17th 2012
mymailgr asked a question:

Mediterranean Diet

How can I match Mediterranean Diet with Low Carb Diet. I live in Greece and foods like cheese, yogurt, fruits, olives and olive oil etc are very common in our meals.

Aug 13th 2011
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Aug 12th 2011
mymailgr blogged:


I like do the best, even if 42 years old

Aug 12th 2011
Diver shared a tip:

30 grams breakfast tip

I've been looking in the supermarket for a quick and healthy snack, high on protein. The canned tuna is the best bet, and here's one I've tried.

Jul 17th 2011
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Slow Carb Diet Initiation

This challenge is a must for anyone preparing to being the slow-carb diet. It will take you through all the necessary steps to successfully survive...

Jul 7th 2011
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Jul 7th 2011
raffaello commented on L8F's reply:

Thank you!

Jun 20th 2011
raffaello asked a question:

Where do i start ???

Hello, i would like your precious advice, i practice windsurfing and i need strength and endurance, but i would like also to lose some fat ... Any advice is very welcome ! raf

Jun 18th 2011
raffaello asked a question:

Steak Fat ?

First post here, and looking forward to start the Slow Carb diet, I have a question, do you eat also the steak fat ?.. or just plain meat ?.. Regards raffaello

Jun 18th 2011
Tyler21 replied to SteveBoogie's question:

Lost 42.1 lbs./6.5% BF in 1st half April. Not joking.

Great progress! But you don't have to diet man most comedians are fat anyway

Apr 15th 2011
Tyler21 replied to anon's question:

coconut oil

I agree that coconut oil is great and possibly the healthiest oil to cook with. But just to be on the safe side I'm cooking with organic butter lately

Apr 14th 2011
Tyler21 commented on Meni69's reply:

After 2 months on this diet I have concluded that what I thought was hunger for my entire life was actually carb cravings caused by eating more car...

Apr 14th 2011
Tyler21 replied to neatfreakgeek's question:

How do you guys do it?

I couldn't have said it better than s joshua. Just to add something... The slow carb diet is much much closer to a "normal" diet for us humans. Eating refined carbs is nowhere near. We o...

Apr 12th 2011
Tyler21 replied to Emdee03's question:

Meal after workout?

He does say no carbs after workout but you can use this method during cheat day. Doing a full workout and Binging on carbs after that. That must be ideal since you are going to eat carbs anyway

Apr 11th 2011
Tyler21 replied to nanner's question:

Too many vegetables?

Definitely not a big reason to fail but yes from my understanding not all vegs are the same starchy vegs like carrots are not your best choice unless in small amounts. Tomatos have some sugar al...

Apr 8th 2011