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Hi Gary, thanks for your answer! I´m really a newbie on this! I´m 36 years old and I never ever thought about what I should eat and what´s goo...

Aug 21st 2014
Timo Dygryn asked a question:

3dr day of LCD, 3 day of headaches

Hi Foum, its my third day of the slow carp diet. The first day was fine, at the second my headaches where acceptable, now on the third day its terrible!!! Here is what I ate the last two days ...

Aug 20th 2014

I like the idea of having a reward lined up for yourself when you hit a target weight. I think I'm too indecisive for a tattoo, but I'll have a thi...

Apr 17th 2014
Apr 17th 2014

Is there any risk of destroying the protein in the powder by heating it in this way? I remember reading once somewhere about it - but it could be w...

Apr 15th 2014

Thanks Kimberly - that's very similar to my reasons for tackling my weight now. It's just time!

Apr 15th 2014

Thanks for those tips Michael - yeah certainly I'm with you on the 'shock' of seeing my back. Had a near full-blown panic attack in a clothes store...

Apr 15th 2014
Douglas Ackerman asked a question:

What's your Stake?

Hi everyone, I’m interested to find out what stakes you’ve set yourself that have led to you being able to keep to the regime, and lose weight more consistently. It’s somethi...

Apr 13th 2014
Alejandro GD replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

One year! Fit-aversary!

Congrats man! you are a GREAT inspiration. I just started again and this time I have no plans of quitting! :D

Apr 1st 2014
Johannes Hesse asked a question:

My replaced breakfast for every day

Hey everyone. I want to share with you the breakfast that I have discovered as my daily one. It is an egg burito. You are taking 3 whole eggs, mix the yolk with the eggwhite and put it in a pan. (...

Mar 26th 2014

I am at a body fat of 15% atm. When I see what all the people in the forum eat with 100grams of beans here and there I am asking myself if its mayb...

Mar 21st 2014
Johannes Hesse commented on G G's reply:

The sauce is in the can with the beans allready. I've checked them. The nutrition facts didn't show me a sign of sugar but the ingredients did but ...

Mar 20th 2014

btw I am not using PAGG atm

Mar 20th 2014
Johannes Hesse asked a question:

Newbie got a lot of questions.

Hey there. I have to say, I am completely new in this diet. Just startet 5 days ago and there are some questions I would like to ask you. First of all, is it ok to eat canned beans in chili sau...

Mar 20th 2014
bnz99 commented on Tomhole's reply:

Hmm, wondering about the sugar alcohols though. I'm reading arguments that go either direction. Especially concerning Erythritol. While 100g of Er...

Feb 12th 2014
bnz99 commented on bnz99's reply:

I have just bought the Omron as well in addition to my Withings scale. I just like to experiment too much not to have it Both really seem reasona...

Feb 4th 2014
bnz99 commented on bnz99's reply:

Hey G G, I think you misunderstood. I was asking what kind of information you received printed on the report they handed to you for taking home. D...

Feb 4th 2014
bnz99 commented on Minnie Mi's reply:

I'm not sure what the others think about this, but I'd still stay away from rice, potatos, bread, etc.. Rather, if increased legumes do not do it,...

Feb 3rd 2014
bnz99 replied to G G's tip:

I had a Dexa Scan

Great post considering I've just been on and off calling the place near me who can make DXA scans. I'm just curious, do you do BIA measurements with a scale or an Omron as well? If so, what do tha...

Feb 3rd 2014