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Henry Chical replied to Carp's question:

How do you schedule Occam's, Kettlebells, and abs workouts?

Mondays: Myotatic Crunch, Cat vomit, Kettlebell swings Wednesdays: Chest press, Lar Pull down , leg press, seated row and overhead press(as per Fridays: Myotatic Crunch, Cat vom...

7 days ago

Hi Gary, thanks for your answer! I´m really a newbie on this! I´m 36 years old and I never ever thought about what I should eat and what´s goo...

Aug 21st 2014
Timo Dygryn asked a question:

3dr day of LCD, 3 day of headaches

Hi Foum, its my third day of the slow carp diet. The first day was fine, at the second my headaches where acceptable, now on the third day its terrible!!! Here is what I ate the last two days ...

Aug 20th 2014