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Honye Manoo asked a question:

Advantages of Getting NO2 MAXIMUS:

have elevated power within your routines and in many cases force on your very own significantly more difficult in comparison to ahead of. Get started off getting even larger plenty setting up a fa...

Feb 3rd 2016

Ok thanks will aim for 1500 - almonds could work well for late afternoon snack!!! Will let you know how I get on!

Apr 16th 2013

Hi Tom thanks! My BMR is 1381 and my TDDE is 1660 without exercise but if I add in light exercise then it shoots up to 1900.

Apr 16th 2013
Hayley Wintermantle asked a question:

Getting enough calories?

So I've been on the diet since January and the first couple of months went really well. I was losing cm and a couple of pounds (only looking to loose 5kgs & drop body fat which is about 20-25%...

Apr 15th 2013

Thanks for the advice! Fancy flavours? I'd probably go for earl grey or gunpowder tea, I have failed to man up and upon reading the sad news of n...

Jan 8th 2013

I'm an English guy live in France! If you want to see dairy temptations of every imaginable form, texture, scent and colour, it is here. Honestly ...

Jan 8th 2013

Yeah additive costs are my downfall always have been, I think after a day of trying I could do more plain tea (sans sucre, lait ou créme) but I a...

Jan 8th 2013