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ViljarSaare asked a question:

Should I eat less calories than my body needs?

Hi! Actually I've got 2 questions. 1. If my daily energy need is 1756 kcal then should I eat less calories or try to eat as much as my daily calorie need is? 2. I've eaten approx. 120g of protein...

Mar 15th 2012

Laura, Thanks!

Feb 22nd 2012
ViljarSaare blogged:

Member intro: Everything starts from your mind.

Well. My story is simple. I like sports, I do sports and I like to educate myself in different aspects. One aspect is 4 hour stuff which got my attention few years ago and here I am, starting with...

Feb 20th 2012
SandySandals replied to jitkajulie's question:

Ever fell off???

I have been doing SCD for 3 months. I have had at least 2 cheat weeks during those months and now I am back on track. It is okay to fall off, but the important thing is to get back on track and fi...

Oct 10th 2011
SandySandals blogged:

Battle with the weight - the last kilos

I have had a problem with the weight since I was a teenager. I have never been so much overweight, but having troubled areas.. I can blame my hormones and problems with my left leg (I was banned f...

Sep 26th 2011
orubella commented on shane's question:

Estonia, Tallinn!

Apr 26th 2011