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Christian Tambo Holm asked a question:

About those beans..

Hi everybody :) I am a new 4-hour-body rookie from Denmark, that started the slow carb diet a week ago.. Lost 4,5 kilos in the first 5 days and just had my first cheat-day which i truly enjoye...

Jul 8th 2015
Mads commented on Nancy Howat's reply:

Don't think calories matter that much:

Dec 9th 2014

Yeah, I think I'm simply not eating enough.

Aug 17th 2014
Kasper commented on G G's reply:

I'm not. Sounds reasonable.

Aug 17th 2014
Kasper asked a question:

Too exhausted?

Hi there. I’m currently using the “Geek to Freak” method. (One set to failure, 5/5, 2-10 exercises.) It works very good for building muscle. However, I would like to be able to...

Aug 14th 2014
Dmitrij Motley replied to Sumsum77's question:

Any Suggestions on how to fight my sugar cravings?

I just found dark chocolat bars sweetened with inulin, erythritol and stevia combined. Can’t say it’s SCD proof though.

Jun 1st 2014
Dmitrij Motley asked a question:

Can Sukrin be approved as a sugar substitute?

Hey Slow Carbers. Being on SCD for about a year, I’m still looking for a sugar substitute to make my coffee a bit tastier. I found Sukrin on Amazon recently. A seller states that it contains...

May 26th 2014
Dmitrij Motley replied to Emma Chace's question:

Experiments with cheese

I started SCD last sommer and wasn’t too strict first few weeks. I ate cheese that time because I thought it was a fermenterd food. However, those few weeks were most succesful.

Apr 4th 2014
Feb 3rd 2014
Daniel Loeker commented on G G's reply:

Thanks for your reply and help. It hits me hard with the Latte but i will try it without the milk. What do you think about the tofu and do you hav...

Feb 3rd 2014
Daniel Loeker asked a question:

Oh no, Beginner questions !!!!

Hi to all, i just started with the 4HB for one week and i tried a lot of things now. Maybe some of you can help me in getting more experienced in what i can eat. I live in Denmark, so i can't b...

Feb 3rd 2014

Don't need a cheat day if I could live off bacon,chees & whipcream

Jan 27th 2014
Tanja Brændekilde asked a question:

Ketosis, LCHF, 4HB, Slow Carb

I see so many are jumping from one diet to another, or mixing it together. Are they really that much alike? I find it so confusing when I seek questions about 4HB and then I find something else ...

Jan 27th 2014

Sorry I thought I had read the FAQ and the food list properly ... thanks for the reply

Jan 14th 2014

Was this a dumb question since no one answered at all? Guess so ...

Jan 14th 2014
Tanja Brændekilde asked a question:

Whole grain

Are seeds like sunflower & pumpkin considered whole grain? I have a bread recipe with only seeds (4 kinds), water and eggs. But can't figurer out if it's ok on 4HB?

Jan 10th 2014
Mark Scully asked a question:

how many beans

so whats the amount of beans one should aim for? in the newbie faq it says at least 1.5 cups... per day, or am i miss reading all the best

Jan 5th 2014
Karsten Lund replied to jcancino's question:

Ice Baths - Methods and Results

I have not found ice baths unpleasant at all. I like the feeling being submerged in the cold water. I stay in my tub for at least 45 mins 5 days a week, and sometimes i will stay in longer for 1-2...

Nov 19th 2013

Can ghee be made from SALTED butter? I live in Denmark and there isn't any unsalted butter in stores. 0.7% salt is the lowest one I was able to fi...

Oct 6th 2013
Dmitrij Motley replied to Jorge Quintero's question:

Has anyone had Cheat WEEKENDS?

I had a cheat weekend without consequences, however I didn't lose any additional weight during the next week. I had a cheat week as well. During that week I gained 2 lbs, but I did everything wr...

Oct 6th 2013
Dmitrij Motley replied to Mike Anthony's question:

Sweet flavorings?

Great question and exactly what I wanted to ask myself. I too love sweet taste no matter where it comes from - sugar or some artificial sweetener. I don't drink alcohol, wine or beer but I love c...

Oct 6th 2013

It might sound strange, but what about rhubarb? One cup of raw rhubarb has 6g of carbs and 1g of sugars. Can it be then allowed on SCD or better t...

May 2nd 2013
May 2nd 2013
Apr 18th 2013

Thank you Brenda for the answer!

Apr 15th 2013

Thank you Anne K for the great answer! Hope it will work out for me as well! By the way, do you guys know if we can eat mushrooms? And what about ...

Apr 12th 2013
Apr 12th 2013
Greta Gerule asked a question:

Portion size

Hello! I am in a fourth week on SCD and have a question regarding the portion size per meal. Could someone share how many grams of food do you take? For dinner, I am usually eating approximately ...

Apr 8th 2013
Mik Josefsen asked a question:

Low calorie day and workout?

Hey, I was wondering: I am trying to gain weight, and the diet tells you to take one day off of your high calorie intake, to keep the body on its toes. However, what do I do, if this day collid...

Feb 4th 2013

man, that seems to be just what i need! Thanks briz!

Feb 1st 2013
Christian Tambo Holm asked a question:

Workout at home?

I was wondering if anybody out have an idea on a workout for strenght that i could do without any training equipment.. I am gonna try to find a kettebellweight downhere but i dont think it is gonn...

Feb 1st 2013

Thank you for the links Jeffrey! I managed to find dried white beans, and will be using them !

Jan 26th 2013

haha i actually went there today . Thank you very much

Jan 26th 2013
Christian Tambo Holm replied to Drewfis H's tip:

January checkpoint!

just amazing drew! Congratulations on your new life man.. Fantastic! So life confirming to here your story

Jan 26th 2013