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Oliver Blanc asked a question:

4 hour acting ? In the first podcast tim mentioned a guy who learned acting using 4 hour method but I couldn´t understand the guy´s name, anyone can...

Jan 14th 2015
Šárka Pavelková asked a question:

not loosing weigth

Hello all, Iam on 4hb For nearly a month, and no Result at all. I do not have a problem to keep it up, but I am trying to figure out mistakes I make. First it was not drinKing enough wanter and no...

Dec 5th 2014

Maybe you could add to your diet a little olive oil or some nuts..

Sep 17th 2014
Haavard Jutudey asked a question:

Protein shake as lunch substitute

I am planning to work in a muslim country this year during Ramadan. There will be very limited possibilities to get any lunch during work hours and i will be staying in a hotel, so preparing lunch...

Jun 9th 2014
Eva Blahová asked a question:

I stopped loosing weight

Hi superheros! I have been on low carb diet for 6 weeks now and I can see visible results on my body - I lost 12 cm in total and 6 kg during the 1st month. However last two weeks have been differe...

Nov 5th 2013
Jan Sysala commented on Tomhole's reply:

ad. " For the bodyweight exercises you have listed, target 3x12 and once you get there, add sets until you get to 5x12." Will not be bet...

Jul 2nd 2013
Jan Sysala commented on Tomhole's reply:

Thanks for answers! I forgot to mention I't trying to gain weight, not loss. Ok, looks like 5/5 cadence will not be ideal for normal exercises. Wh...

Jul 2nd 2013
Jan Sysala asked a question:

Home workout based on Tim's philosophy

Hi 4 hour people! I'm trying to make home workout program based on Tim's philosophy and I hope you will help me with it. "Take at least three minutes of rest between exercises." &quo...

Jul 1st 2013
Jirka Kinský asked a question:

Diet supplement PAAG

Hi, have you got any experiences with food supplement for losing weight, which Tim mentioned? I mean policosanol, ALA, garlic extract and green tea flavanols. I would like to hear about some grea...

Jun 3rd 2013

Thank you very much for your advice

May 30th 2013

My weight is 73 kg, my height 173 cm, I am 21 years old.

May 30th 2013

I do not know how many calories. But the food I wrote above. It contains 250 gr. curd, 250 gr. beens (twice a day), 150 gr. of chicken (twice a da...

May 30th 2013
Jirka Kinský asked a question:

SCD problem

Hi, I am on SCD from November 2012. I had about 19% of body fat. In March, I had aproximately 13,5%, but since the time, I am not losing fat. I know, these numbers are too low that process of losi...

May 30th 2013
Lucie S commented on Brenda 7's reply:

Thanks Brenda 7. I am on SCD for 3 weeks now. I know I can´t eat it all day. I just use it as a treat when I have really bad cravings. Spoon here...

May 12th 2013

True. Havent thouhgt about that really, thanks koloryczerni Another thing is, that even in England, you can buy polish curd called "cottage ...

May 11th 2013
Lucie S asked a question:

Curd, cottage cheese...and all that kind of stuff.

So...I would really love to know, how things are with curd. Tim says we can eat cottage cheese - and as far as I know, cottage cheese is product made from curd. I am a curd lover. Seriously, I co...

May 11th 2013
Lukas Kloucek replied to Lucie S's question:

Legumes. How much of them do you eat?

I believe 1 portion (3/4 cup - 1 cup) of legumes per day preferably as a lunch is the best if you really need them. It is definitely not good as a dinner. I am trying to cut it out as much as poss...

Apr 5th 2013

Thank you. I blend most of my legumes, so I´ll try to cut that and keep it no more than 1/2 cup a time.

Mar 31st 2013
Lucie S asked a question:

Legumes. How much of them do you eat?

So, here´s the thing. I´m not much into meat, so I try to fill my stomach with legumes (all sorts of really - mostly lentils). Sometimes I have a lentil soup, some meat with veggies and bean ma...

Mar 28th 2013
Mar 27th 2013
Ondra Vognar is doing a tutorial!

30-day Six Pack Sprint: Day 6

Today's challenge will get you one step closer to your six-pack with a morning fasted cardio session followed by an evening weight training routine...

Mar 20th 2013

I wrote my questions to the main question

Mar 19th 2013
Mar 4th 2013
Jirka Kinský asked a question:

Occam�s protocol

Did anyone try this programm? I tried it in last year, just for 28 days, it was amazing. Now, I just started again. I would like to know, if somebody tried this too and what´t your results, exper...

Mar 4th 2013

I though, after this procedure (after 4 hour I ate brazils nuts, etc..) man would be more excited, have bigger sexual apetit, unexpected erections...

Feb 28th 2013

Ok, I understand, for next try, I will get cold water on my testicles. But.. on Tuesday, I this procedure again and again without results. I do no...

Feb 28th 2013

No changes. I am desperate...

Feb 27th 2013
Jirka Kinský commented on G G's reply:

If you are just 2 two weeks on SCD, it is normal, I mean these feelings. It takes about 3 weeks, maybe more, than your body get used to this diet....

Feb 25th 2013

Ok, for sure, tomorrow, I will miss the alcohol. If you think my question in my reaction - "I do not know, if my Cod liver are from boys, do ...

Feb 25th 2013
Jirka Kinský replied to Mike Anthony's question:

Hungry at the end of a meal?

I don´t know, if I help you, but after finish my SCD food I have similar feeling. I don´t feel full. I have a queer feeling like I would be hungry. But it is just short-time. After I drink some ...

Feb 25th 2013
Jirka Kinský asked a question:

Occam´s protocol

I´ve got some questions about Occam´s protocol. 1) Consumation a litr of milk per day can increase body fat. With regards to what I read at this forum and what I heard from my friends, in absol...

Feb 25th 2013

Wombat: I do not know, if my Cod liver are from boys, do you think, it is very important? Tim does not speak to this problem.. on the package, it ...

Feb 25th 2013
Jirka Kinský replied to Ciaran's tip:

Almost a year - My Transformation!

Great job! But... on January, have you really 10,5 % BF? Second picture looks as 12%, third as 10% and fourth picture seems absolutely like less than 10,5% ! I guess about 8%

Feb 23rd 2013

I am about 160Ibs (73kgs), so I think, is it not necessary to eat more eggs, I am not too big. As regards protein, I am on SCD, so I eat 100-130 g...

Feb 23rd 2013